Interview with Marc Morillas, CEO of Morillas branding design agency

Back Interview with Marc Morillas, CEO of Morillas branding design agency

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Morillas

To start with I’d like to say that my relationship with the company is something rooted in deep emotional introspection, which is sometimes difficult to express as its a relationship exclusively built on honour.

Since 1962, Morillas has inspired tomorrow’s organizations in building conscious yet successful businesses as the root of a promising future for everyone. To achieve this, Antoni Morillas’ vision was extremely clear: build boldness and novelty into the concept. This led to the foundation of one of the greatest creative companies in Spain and since then we've pushed hard to collaborate with talented designers, strategists, UX/UI specialists, business consultants and any kind of creative mindset that wants to reach for the extraordinary.

Our team is truly a dream team. Almost a hundred professionals with humble attitude professing brutal honesty working under an agile mindset that let them capture potential unique traits from worldwide organizations and transform them into a one-off brand.

What are your favourite projects that you’ve worked on in the last few years?

Honestly, everything we do is carefully crafted and thoroughly thought through (meaning you’re going to give me a hard time choosing!). In fact, the best thing about what we do is that behind every project there's a deep learning that makes us grow and thrive with the process, whether or not we succeed.

That being said I’m quite honoured and satisfied with the work we are doing together with Cinco Jotas. A unique brand, made of Spain's best ingredients that represent our country in the highest strata and serves the best and most demanding palates is just mesmerizing. To be honest, the different projects we are working together with Cinco Jotas’ team are a great inspiration both on the creative and strategic side but above all of them, I’d say the hexagonal packaging is on the top of the list as a true craftmanship chef d’oeuvre.

Cinco Jotas team members

Can you tell us about any exciting projects you have coming up?

On the secret side, I can tell you we are working on the transformation of a global beauty and cosmetics leader. Morillas was selected as the disruption agent in order to bring creative progress and after some come and go the results are just promising. We’ve been working with them since almost a year and a half and what we are witnessing on the corporate culture side is impressive. Doors open for speculation as you’ll be seeing the results in the incoming months!

What types of projects do you like to work on?

I would say there is no specific kind of project or sector that we rather work with or on, as we love to learn from every corner. However, we like to partner with top leaders that trust the people they hire, that understand the brand as a powerful business generation asset and that believe in an unrestricted creative process.

What’s keeping you and your team positive during the current lockdown?


We turned ourselves into a strong human shield, armed with empathy ready to take care of those in need. The reaction of the Morillas family has been just impressive, all people working hand on hand for a better tomorrow protecting their people and always with a helping hand when needed. You don’t see this every day and I feel extremely honoured to be part of such a great team. We even turned our 3D printers in a temporary production line to take care of those who took care of us, promptly producing protection devices for health care workers.

What can I say? I’m extremely proud of our people.

Recently, Morillas collaborated with to produce the protective mask, can you tell us more about the project?

Absolutely! The purpose of this action is simple: we thought that letting the health care heroes down was just wrong. We believed we could do something to protect them and express them our gratitude, so together with Pep Trias, our great Chief of Industrial Design as well as the whole team we decided to try to make a difference.

The PLA masks that we are still producing are built following a highly sophisticated system of several pieces that need to be separately printed before assemblage. The masks consist of a central part, the body, that has been designed using a morphological study of a large number of human faces, to which a nozzle, a separator, two filter holders and a lid are attached. The printing time depends on the size of the masks, a process that can take up on to more than three hours.

We are currently printing this model and can’t wait to see them distributed by other volunteers. Thank you all!

Morillas is a multiple Pentawards winner. What was it like winning a Pentawards?

It’s intense and it's challenging but it’s like feeling at the pinnacle of world-class creative talent. An absolute high. Pentawards do astonishing work defending top-notch talent around the world and the purpose of the award is extremely important to us creative people.

Who has inspired you the most in your career?

I would definitely say Antoni and Lluís Morillas. Antoni because of his brave vision way ahead of time and Lluís because of his perseverance and business instincts. The two of them built a company that shook and changed the creative principles in our country.

My motivation is to stay faithful to these two great men who pushed really hard for a purpose, and who believed that creativity ignites progress. They have given Morillas a great and humble perspective, which I want to carry on forever.

Antoni Morillas

Lluís Morillas

What advice would you give to young designers?

We need you. You are the foundation of tomorrow’s hope.

You have the power to change things and ignite progress. Protect your freedom, invest time in nurturing your talent, be brutally honest with yourself, be humble and listen, learn from every corner and grow.

The world is waiting for a bold generation to take over and take us to a better tomorrow. Don’t screw up!

To you, what's the power of design?

It’s one of the most powerful assets of humankind. If misused it can bring dark times but if used with responsibility, ambition and goodness it can heal the hearts of millions.

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