Interview with Tapì, the global boutique of premium and super premium closures

Back Interview with Tapì, the global boutique of premium and super premium closures

We speak with Tapì, an international group specializing in the design, production and distribution of high-end technological closures for the Premium beverage sector, to learn about their latest products, innovations and trends in the industry.

What’s your area of expertise?

Since 1999, we have considered ourselves a "global boutique" capable of designing closures specifically for premium and super premium sectors of the wine and spirits, condiments, cosmetics and beer industries.

After more than 20 years, and thanks to our innovation skills, we can now describe ourselves as a real multinational Group with headquarters in different parts of the world, and recognised for our originality, design and focus on our image.

Our main aim is to predict market trends by combining environmental sustainability, innovation, beauty and exclusivity. This is what drives us, as much as possible, to succeed in our mission: to open up the world to the culture of the value of beauty, defined in the products we design.

Product: Abor

What are the latest trends in the cap and closure design?

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the most popular trends at this time include a greater focus on safety and virtuality. Precisely for this reason, we at Tapì recently launched a new NFC technology applied to closures which makes the closure not just an element of beauty and practicality, but one that can "communicate" and above all, provide us with tracking and safety data which, nowadays, is essential.

That said, sustainability, intended not only as a desire to reduce the environmental impact of our products, but most of all, how to optimise company processes and people's awareness, remains our key focus and we have been pleased to record increasing interest shown by end consumers and their desire to find out more.

As far as sustainability applied specifically to the product is concerned, our R&D department is constantly on the lookout for new solutions, technologies and materials to guarantee maximum image and technical performance in an attempt to safeguard our surrounding environment as much as possible. Some examples include the use of natural materials, production processes that can assess circular economies and technologies capable of reducing energy impact at the production stage.

Product: Devin

What are you focusing on in 2021?

At the start of this year, we set out the goals to be met. These naturally include the launch of the new technologies and products, to improve the range on offer to our clients and continue to innovate and come up with new ideas and solutions.

In addition, we would like to expand our target, reaching not only beverage manufacturers but also the so called "influencers" of our market, vertical operating agencies in packaging design, and the artists and journalists in this industry.

Lastly, but not from an importance point of view, we are very keen to start attending industry events again as they are key to us making ourselves known and give us a chance to interact and exchange ideas with our current and potential clients as well as suppliers.

Product: DuoSpirits

Can you tell us more about why sustainability is important to Tapi and how you bring this into your everyday project work?

Ever since we launched into the world of closures, at Tapì we have been committed to ensuring maximum sustainability with regard to production methods, supply chains and material machining processes as well as company "best practices", adopting alternative and renewable energy sources and continuing to invest in research and innovation.

Nowadays, thanks to technological progress, we manage to design and manufacture numerous sustainable closures with a low environmental impact in line with the green-design demands from our markets.

Over the last few years, sustainability has definitely become a growing trend and the start of the pandemic has further enhanced this need in the end consumer. From this increasingly concrete and heartfelt need to save the environment stems some of our green machining processes and closures.

Product: TCask

Can you share an example of recent projects you have worked on?

Undoubtedly, some of the most recent projects include all those linked to Tapì's LEI branch, an acronym of Low Environmental Impact and the new division set up in 2020 to put a name to everything that Tapì regards as sustainable.

Highlighted in this article are Abor, Devin and T-Cask that bring to life a vast range of closures respectively reclaiming waste from distillation, pomace and barrels at the end of their life cycle. There is also Duo, the fully extractable closure that ensures proper recycling. On the subject of closures, we would also like to mention Mekano: a world-first project that saw the creation of a re-usable closure for numerous corkings and suitable for use in different sectors.

Lastly, the most recent technologies include NEOS. This particular innovation can reduce a product's carbon footprint with the use of renewable-sourced polymers and whose performance and food suitability are on a par with the others.

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