Javier Garduño EdD Granite paper labels for Bodega Sotero Pintado Winery

Back Javier Garduño EdD Granite paper labels for Bodega Sotero Pintado Winery

Javier Garduño EdD creates a striking label and cap design that stylishly defines the wine within.

Bodega Sotero Pintado is a small winery located in the province of Zamora, Spain that produces high quality wines through combined techniques of the traditional and modern adapting to the tastes of today's consumer and are cultivated in a way to maintain the sustainable agriculture, conserving the life of the land and the environment.

Their new creation is a wine made with grapes from vineyards with granite soils, located in the Sierra de Gredos, which gives these wines a very distinct flavour with mineral touches.

Javier Garduño EdD were given a brief to create a memorable label that reflected the uniqueness of the wine and appealed to a wide target audience of both young and old.

Taking inspiration from the unusual source from which these grapes have grown, the Spanish-based design studio wanted to incorporate the granite element into the design, but in a way that would make the bottle stand out. By layering three types of paper, each representing the main components of granite; quarts, feldspar and mica, Javier Garduño recreates a label that depicts a granite texture.

This is further complimented by a seal made up of granite powder and grey wax to create a top that looks like a stone taken straight from the vineyard itself.

For more information about the Javier Garduño EdD design visit their website or follow them on Instagram .

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