Nendo's milk box soap dispenser design

Back Nendo's milk box soap dispenser design

The Tokyo-based global design firm's new replaceable soap dispenser, due to launch next year, has been designed to reduce plastic waste and avoid potential hygiene issues that can occur in reusable containers.

Nendo have created an alternative to single-use plastic soap dispensers in the shape of a gable milk carton. Carton + Pump consists of a reusable pump and base which the consumer retains between refills and the soap comes in the cardboard container.

The carton is turned upside down to reveal a thin area through which the sharp straw end of the pump is inserted, much like that of a juice box, and the narrow carton top sits in the purposely shaped base. Consequently, the top and bottom covers distribute the pressure of the pump, giving it structure, thus making the carton less likely to collapse and preventing it from getting soft and mouldy.

Furthermore, with the narrow gable top now acting as the bottom, residual soap collects within the peak making it much easier to capture every last drop with the dispenser pump.

In order to refill, the consumer merely replaces the carton body of the dispenser meaning that the new soap or detergent need never mix with the remainder of the old formula ensuring that the container is clean as well as reducing plastic waste.

The cartons’ boxlike shape also allows them to be stacked providing a practical storage solution for replacement cartons.

The product launch is intended for 2022 with two pump and container sizes that will hold 250 or 400 millilitres of liquid or foam soap. Of course, product specifications may change.

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