Pearlfisher brand solution for Consider Pastures Gold Standard Eggs

Back Pearlfisher brand solution for Consider Pastures Gold Standard Eggs

By raising the bar in egg packaging with thoughtful design and acute attention to detail, Pearlfisher set out to reconnect consumers with the brand, making it more enticing to “make the right choice”.

Consider Pastures , a company that specialises in “humanely-raised, organic and free-range” eggs, are pioneers of their industry. Their principles ensure the eggs are sourced and gathered each morning from small family farms utilizing “pasture-raised” environments where hens roam free and behave naturally, providing the “gold standard” in egg quality and freshness as well as maintaining sustainability.

The company knew from the outset that they wanted a unique brand experience to represent their distinctive, natural method of farming, so sought the expertise of design agency Pearlfisher.

The key approach was simple; reconnect with consumers while celebrating the best that nature has to offer.

The result: A warm colour palette and geometric egg pattern that celebrates the naturally imperfect shape of the product, providing the humble egg with a much more enticing visual status with something more akin to a gift box, complete with “discoverable details”. When stacked, the unique geometric shapes create a stunning ‘wallpaper-like’ pattern and each egg is given its own pocket to honour their imperfect individuality.

The brands new monogram, accented in gold, is constructed from a stylised C and P to form a logo echoing the Greek letter ‘Phi’ and a symbol for the ‘Golden Ratio’ used to represent the infinitely detailed beauty that organically occurs in nature.

“[The] golden symbol represents the uncompromising standards the hens are raised with – open, natural spaces, quality feed and more.”

Along with the monogram are a set of accompanying icons signifying other aspects of the business such as “care”, “cultivate” and “consider”.

Doing away with category expectations sets the brand apart from competitors and massive factory farms and embodies the brand’s “commitment to doing things in an elegant and choiceful way”.

To find out more about Consider Pastures, or Pearlfisher’s design suit visit:

- Consider Pastures

- Pearlfisher

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