Powerful packaging with a heart and a story

Back Powerful packaging with a heart and a story

In a bid to tackle loneliness among the older generation, this month Mondelez is reuniting Cadbury with Age UK and rolling out a new series of limited-edition Dairy Milk bars as part of their ‘Donate Your Words’ campaign.

According to Age UK’s research, 225,000 older people often go a whole week without speaking to anyone. The Donate Your Words campaign aims to raise awareness about this as well as encourage the nation to ‘donate their words’ too by simply having a chat with a potentially lonely older person.

The initial campaign was released back in October 2019. Mondelez removed all typography and logos from a series of limited-edition bars to reflect the silence isolated elderly people often experience, leaving only the one and a half glass of milk symbol and its iconic purple background.

Even though most of the branding had been removed the bars proved popular and memorable, and more importantly its powerful message clearly struck a chord; hundreds of thousands of people made gestures of kindness, from learning a neighbour’s name and ensuring they hear a friendly ‘hello’ each morning, to children scheduling regular calls with an elderly relative, as well as an increase in volunteer numbers with Age UK.

For the latest edition rolling out through this month, the confectioners have donated the branding from 10 million Dairy Milk Bars and replaced it with genuine quotes from older people from all walks of life with their surprising and inspiring experiences.

The true stories, first shared in October 2020 through the brand’s The Originals advert , are from older people from all walks of life with surprising and inspiring experiences to share, including:

  • Rose, a 79-year-old woman who kissed Elvis Presley 81-year-old
  • Bob, describing his run-in with the Prime Minister’s bodyguards
  • Anne, a 79-year old thrill seeker who in her younger years, drove over the Alps with her toddler by her side 84-year old
  • Harry, who confesses how he and his family ran away to the circus
  • Linneth, who tells us all about the first ever carnival
  • Phiroze, who took on the world’s most dangerous car rally

Pippa Rodgers, brand manager at Mondelez, said: “ To be featuring the Donate Your Words campaign across 10 million Cadbury Dairy Milk bars is both exciting and fitting, as we look for more impactful ways to support this important mission .”

Find out more on the Donate Your Words campaign via the Age Uk Website .

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