Studio Chong & Freytag Anderson’s branding for better times

Back Studio Chong & Freytag Anderson’s branding for better times

Studio Chong and Freytag Anderson team up to deliver branding for a new hard seltzer brand born in New Zealand and made in the UK that aims to bring a little optimism back into the world.

Gerry's low calorie Hard Seltzer was purposefully designed to deliver optimism and a sense of good times to come. With their target audience having lived through a global pandemic, not to mention other ongoing global unrest evolving on 24hr news reports, Studio Chong x Freytag Anderson set out to inspire and galvanise consumers to form a new positive outlook.

Bright block pastel colours adorn the cans, accompanied by a playful animated font reminiscent of typography and colour palettes you might find on sweats or ice cream, that evokes thoughts of summer and youth.

The minimalist design appeals to a broad audience, stripping the details back to the core elements: the logo and what’s inside.

Positioned as a drink for good times, the range consisting of vodka, gin and rum seltzer’s encourage consumers to look forward to the world reopening, when we can finally enjoy (responsibly) good times with friends.

For more information about the Gerry design visit Studio Chong website or Instagram page and Freytag Anderson website or Instagram page.

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