Thirst Craft reinvigorates the beer brand brewed with a purpose

Back Thirst Craft reinvigorates the beer brand brewed with a purpose

The drinks design specialists provide Brewgooder Beer with a complete rebrand that breaks convention and reflects their growing cause.

Brewgooder are a beer brand with a purpose shaking up the industry from the inside. The craft beer brand made it their mission to provide access to clean water, drive positive change and empower communities, with every can or pint bought 100 times that amount of clean water will be provided by their trusted impact partners Charity Water.

Further to this the people-positive pioneers are passionate about building a better beer community, forming the ‘Work In Progress’ initiative which is a growing collective of brewers around the world striving to create a more diverse and inclusive beer industry.

With their growing success and positive impact, the brand’s visual identity soon needed updating to truly represent their force for progress.

Strategic drinks design specialists Thirst Craft set out to reinvigorate the brands’ visual identity, bringing to the forefront who Brewgooder are what the brand stands for. As a beacon of progress shaking up the market, Thirst stripped away any conventional beer cues and visual positioning, opting for simplicity and a distinctive colour scheme.

Brewgooder’s original orange, blue and white colour palette is reimagined, making orange the hero colour as a symbol of warmth, optimism, and positivity, made all the more vibrant when paired with a hint of crisp white. The brandmark is also given a stripped-down reinvention, establishing a clean font and proud position giving it confidence with personability.

A wave motif is carried throughout the visual identity as a minimal yet bold symbol of beer, clean water, and a metaphor for positive ripples of change, visually resonating their ethos and setting the brand apart in the category.

The new defined and minimalist design system is set up as a flexible canvas to extend across the product portfolio but also adaptable for the brand’s ongoing collaborations with other like-minded breweries.

For more information about Thirst Craft’s design visit their website or follow them on Instagram .

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