This is Pacifica’s Packaging design for German-Portuguese Salmon specialists

Back This is Pacifica’s Packaging design for German-Portuguese Salmon specialists

This is Pacifica creates smoked salmon packaging that respects the origin, preparation and flavour of this traditionally crafted fish.

Hardy is a brand of smoked salmon that is entirely hand crafted using a traditional smoking process meticulously made by the prevailed knowledge of a German-Portuguese 3rd generation family.

This is Pacifica’s packaging concept takes direct inspiration from two key elements of the brand: the use and manipulation of a strong typography that evokes a Germanic aesthetic as well as the rigid, sharp edge of a cutting knife, and of course the salmon fillet itself. The distinctive salmon texture, shape, and colour resonates throughout the packaging design.

Textured Kraft paper encases the product featuring linear cut-outs that imitate the structure of the fish, creating a window so that the product is visible to the consumer as well as incorporating it into the design. The different pieces of fish have a correlating cut-out pattern.

Illustrations and patterns suggesting the shape of the salmon accompany the packaging using the rich smoked salmon orange colour set against the white or contrasting blue font. An orange loop-ending rope handle completes the fish’s shape at the front of the pack and evokes the way it is hung for smoking.

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