Tom Parker Creamery gets a contemporary makeover by White Bear studio

Back Tom Parker Creamery gets a contemporary makeover by White Bear studio

White Bear studio creates a deliciously fresh new look for farm favourite Tom Parker Creamery that puts their happy cows front and centre.

Tom Parker Creamery has a rich agricultural heritage having produced delicious, eco-friendly milk from free-range, British cows for over a century.

Milk is a competitive and contentious industry and although a family-farm favourite, Tom Parker was due a brand revamp to keep up with the 21st century consumer. A challenge tasked to White Bear studio.

The London/Dublin based creative agency built the new brand around the proposition of ‘Happy Cows, Happy milk’, bringing to focus what makes Tom Parker different – how they treat their cows. From free roaming to music in their parlours, to having their backs scratched, Tom Parker wants their cows to be happy.

With this in mind, White Bear made the cows themselves the heroes of the packaging, featuring front and centre as a silhouetted illustration framed by playful yet minimalist typography. Within the bovine figures are wild landscapes which these ladies call home and if you look closer still Tom Parker can be found delivering milk door to door in his 1920’s horse and cart.

Colour coding is used to indicate their natural flavoured ingredients with a soft, sweet colour palette of strawberry, banana fudge, chocolate and more.

The rebrand proved a great success with their listings increased by 40% overnight.

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