Woke&Grand Luxury packaging design for Ceyluxe Teas and Spices

Back Woke&Grand Luxury packaging design for Ceyluxe Teas and Spices

Woke&Grand’s luxury branding and packaging design that captures the essence of Sri Lanka’s finest cuisine.

Ceyluxe is a wellness brand who’s products are deeply rooted in Sri Lanka’s rich heritage taking direct inspiration from its former ‘Ceylon’ period. The products vary from different herbal teas to curry pastes 100% locally sourced, working with local farmers and small business to get the best ingredients as well as supporting their livelihoods.

With the launch of their exclusive line for the US market, Ceyluxe turned to design-centric branding agency Woke&Grand to deliver a visual identity that depicted and celebrated the luxurious and regal era of Ceylon while also standing out within the market.

During the Ceylon period Victorian arts and crafts were prevalent but exclusively famous among the upper class and royals. In order to instil an essence of luxury, Woke&Grand merged these Victorian design elements of the Regal Ceylon period with traditional Sri Lankan symbols and motifs through intricate gold illustrations on a black background.

The brand’s logo which is the central focus across the whole range is a flourishing elephant in the formation of letter “C”. The Elephant is considered a royal animal in Sri Lanka as well as a regular feature in traditional Victorian arts.

The teas and curry pastes are distinguished by their different design elements. The illustrations and patterns adorning the teas take inspiration from traditional Sri Lankan masks. Long used for healing ceremonies, the extravagantly crafted masks are continually used to cure numerous ailments from the body to the soul.

The curry pastes however exhibit illustrations inspired by Laksha crafts. Laksha is a traditional lacquer technique, created by combining pigment with extracted waxy residue from tree bark, giving a naturally varnished look, and used to embellish a multitude of items from wood to pottery to clothing. These ancient designs were adapted from patterns seen in the walls of palaces and temples with black and yellow being a common colour combination.

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