Mathieu Sakkas
Mathieu Sakkas
Dragon Rouge Paris

A graduate of the British and Irish Modern Music Institute in Brighton, Mathieu obtained a BTS in Communication, did a stint at ISCOM and then joined Paris Dauphine University in Marketing where he perfected his range of communicators by adding finance and business expertise. After an internship at W&cie (corporate communication and CSR), Mathieu turned to strategic planning.

He joined the 4uatre agency where he sensed the need to integrate UX into his brand strategies. He then took the initiative to develop a digital center there. Quickly spotted by Interbrand, Mathieu joined the agency as a brand strategy consultant and was noted for his work on Sigfox, EDF (Sowee), Renault and Melisana Pharma. At the same time, tempted by the profession of designer, he created Maztri, an architecture and object design agency.

After a stint at OgilvyRed, Mathieu wanted to join an agency that allows him to reconcile the strategic rigor of consulting firms and the unbridled creativity of the most creative agencies. He was seduced by Dragon Rouge, which he joined in the spring of 2018 to lead the strategy in Paris. After having repositioned the Innovation team in the agency's corporate offer, Mathieu took over the general management of the corporate branding division. Growth is there and Dragon Rouge entrusts him with the general management of corporate, retail and innovation in September 2019.

Surrounded by a great team, Mathieu begins to pose a new model of brand strategy and design consulting by offering a very integrated approach. He wants to make the link and offer a 360° expression of the brand while guaranteeing continuous advice to the agency's clients. The model works and between 2020 and 2022, Mathieu finishes uniting the entire French office with expertise: consumer, regulated market and project management.