Speakers from Patagonia, Pantone, Wired and Unilever will help unpack the theme of ‘Design with Purpose’ through a series of inspiring talks. Sessions will be split into the following sub-themes to help attendees navigate through the latest challenges, solutions and innovations affecting the industry.


Gen-Zers are considered more responsible, socially conscious and eco-friendly, and highly digital. This audience accounts for approximately 26% of the world’s population, or approx. 2 billion people, so are a vital part of the consumer base.

Understanding our audiences is key, so we need to stay in tune with what is popular with younger generations, and how to engage them.

Speakers that will touch on this include Oksana Valentelis, Creative Director at Tiktok.


Does AI scare you or excite you? And what opportunities lie in the wider digital space?

For many, AI seems a threat, something still not quite fully understood or trusted. For others, it’s an opportunity - for access to more creative ideas, better understanding of consumers, and faster and more efficient work. There is also a world of opportunity within the digital world beyond AI, blurring the lines between physical and digital, reality and fantasy.

Speakers that will touch on these include Carola Seybold from Pantone and Jeremy White from WIRED magazine.


Research has shown that by designing for those who experience some form of disability (which affects more than a quarter of the world's population), it can provide everyone a better experience.

Packs with easier to open mechanisms, with visual clarity, that are more tactile and that use symbols can help many of those across the world experiencing disability, and can also improve design for others.

Speakers that will touch on this include Hanna Kops from Transport for London and experts from Unilever.


The cost of living in the UK hit its highest level in 40 years in April, with the price of everyday goods, electricity and gas adding extra pressure to businesses and households.

This is affecting clients, briefs and consumers, so what might be some of the best practices to put in place to help navigate these issues?

Speakers that will touch on this include Steven Bartlett and Hanna Kops from Transport for London.


We are all aware that sustainable packaging is becoming a higher priority for both brands and consumers - more now than ever before.

But ESG goes beyond just the environmental impacts, taking into account social and governmental ones too. Businesses need to think and possibly re-assess themselves based around multiple factors such as fair pay, responsible supply chain partnerships and ethical business practices.

Speakers that will touch on these include Steven Bartlett and Kris Keiller from Patagonia.


The Pentawards Festival, held at the Science Museum on November 9, offered multiple opportunities for collaboration and networking, as well as workshops, conferences and the chance to arrange one-to-one meetings with brands.