The 2023 Gala Ceremony took place at Magazine London, a state-of-the-art venue that is one of the largest purpose-built hybrid spaces in London. Hosting a variety of spaces, it's been home to multiple exclusive events including the Burberry Fashion Showcase, Design London, the Gay Times Awards and GQ Car Awards.

A sustainable venue

Magazine London adopts sustainable practices, from the building, to its operations,to its food and drink served during events.

When it comes to the building itself, the designers prioritize thermal efficiency, acoustics, and energy efficiency while emphasizing airtightness and controlled ventilation. They choose environmentally responsible materials, following the 'Green Guide to Specification,' and promote recyclable choices. The building's temporary nature considers material reuse and recycling, with steel, aluminium, concrete, and glass being recyclable or reusable, along with smaller items like copper and timber.

Their exclusive catering partner, Moving Venue, focuses on sustainability and ethical sourcing. They prioritize seasonal and local produce, promote sustainable and vegetarian options, and ensure ethical food sourcing. They collaborate with suppliers like James Knight of Mayfair for sustainable fish. Their coffee is certified by BioAgriCert, and they actively reduce waste by recycling cardboard. They emphasize healthy eating, avoid artificial additives, and offer nutritionally balanced menus. Additionally, they use innovative ingredients like water instead of cream and butter in Damian Allsop Chocolates to promote healthier choices.

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