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Dessein was founded in 1987 in Perth, Western Australia.
We have always understood the importance of great design and it is just one of the reasons we have become a leading packaging design studio in Australia. We are story tellers and create design with purpose, putting people at the heart of everything we do.
Our work has earned numerous international awards including Best in Show at international competitions including 14 Pentawards since first entering in 2010. Our goal is to continue to create and excite with innovative solutions for clients of all sizes with designs which make consumers smile.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Cupcakes and Muffins

The collaboration between Great Temptations and Cadbury represents an enticing fusion of two beloved Australian brands, combining their expertise to create an irresistible range of sweet treats. From decadent cupcakes to indulgent muffins, this partnership delivers an array of new favourites, each infused with the iconic flavours of Cadbury chocolate. From a branding and packaging perspective, the project aimed to seamlessly blend the heritage and recognition of Cadbury with the artisanal quality of Great Temptations' baked goods. The outer packaging and promotional materials were meticulously designed to prominently feature Cadbury's trademarked brand, ensuring that the renowned vision of Cadbury was upheld. All photography for this project was completed in-house at Dessein, ensuring a cohesive visual language throughout. Through careful attention to detail in photography and packaging design, every element was scrutinized to ensure that the design brief met the highest standards. The result is packaging that not only showcases the delicious contents within but also captures the essence of both brands, enticing consumers with its visual appeal.

EFM Mobile Phone accessory and device packaging

Refreshing and revolutionizing the packaging for EFM’s catalogue of over 300 Skus of mobile phone accessories and device gear, this revitalized packaging centers around Sensory Ignition with packaging which removed all previous plastics and ensures the materials used are all recyclable and bio-degradable. This solution delivered a lighter-weight, theft-proof product which, on average reduced packaging materials by 12%. The fluorescent orange is core to the brand, and is amplified with equally vibrant colours to represent four categories and celebrates its Australian provenance, with multi-sensory packaging. Igniting the senses to deliver a best unboxing experience is delivered through touch, sight, sound and scent. Each aligning to an EFM category referencing the sensory experience. Case Armour - Touch. Screen Armour - Vision. Audio - Sound. Taste - Power. (We acknowledge the buyer as having good taste for recognizing EFM as a quality brand). The visual experience is enhanced with embossing which introduces the tactile experience. The word representing each product category – Screen, Case, Power and Audio, are embossed on the front of the packaging and in Braille, to ensure it is inclusive for vision impaired customers. This prevented scuffing and removed the need to place into PLA bags for protection during shipping.

Yoni Pleasure Palace Dildo packaging

Yoni Pleasure Palace’s packaging project embodies mindful self-pleasure and empowerment. Rosie Rees’s vision required packaging that reflected these values while safeguarding delicate glass and crystal pleasure wands. Inclusivity for the brand went beyond a checklist. It was about infusing the spirit of welcoming everyone. Inspired by the skin, our packaging accentuates Yoni Pleasure Palace as a comfortable haven for individuals of all body types, colours, and sizes. The strategy focused on showcasing each item as a unique work of art through photography, capturing the essence of each glass pleasure wand by maximizing contrast, clarity, and color, thus creating an inclusive visual experience. Drawing from the opulence of art deco design, the clean lines and luxurious rose gold foil embellishments, combined with a Yoni pattern on the side panels, serve as powerful symbols of individuality and self-acceptance. The hard-backed box with a magnetic closure not only serves the practical purpose of safeguarding products during shipping but also delivers a delightful unboxing experience — with small details like a silky soft tab opening a consideration for accessibility. In essence, Yoni Pleasure Palace’s packaging solution reflects the brand’s commitment to empowerment and mindful exploration, providing a modern and secure experience for customers.

Margaret River Natural Spring Water

The rebranding of Margaret River Natural Spring Water (MRNSW) strategically emphasizes its origin story, health benefits, and sustainability efforts. Rooted in the pristine landscapes of Western Australia's Margaret River region, MRNSW embodies purity and authenticity, drawing water from a single, untouched spring on a family-owned farm. The packaging design optimizes labeling for efficiency while incorporating premium aesthetics with silver foil-based stock and distinctive visual elements evoking the region's natural beauty. Inspired by the coastal landscape, the colour palette reflects purity and tranquility, reinforcing MRNSW's connection to its origins. Across all touchpoints, from packaging materials to online platforms, MRNSW presents a unified brand experience, fostering consistency and resonating with discerning consumers. Additionally, the project encompasses an on-location photoshoot and the development of an e-commerce website, further amplifying MRNSW's accessibility and reinforcing its position as a purveyor of premium natural spring water.


Rubra coffee's branding overhaul aimed to invigorate its packaging while preserving the established brand identity previously crafted by Dessein 12 years earlier. The project solution prioritized maintaining the brand's personality and equity, ensuring familiarity for existing customers while attracting new ones. The core concept of representing different people and personalities through the coffee varieties remained intact but was updated with contemporary counterparts. Typography underwent a refresh, providing an opportunity to introduce vibrant colours into the range. This strategic use of colour injected freshness into the packaging while staying true to Rubra's essence. Furthermore, the design review incorporated elements like substrates foil, cleverly utilizing it to enhance the premium feel of the brand. The foil, featuring copper and brassy tones, not only added visual appeal but also reinforced Rubra's high-quality positioning. The refreshed packaging breathed new life into the range, garnering international recognition and paving the way for Rubra's expansion into Asian markets. This successful rebranding effort not only maintained brand integrity but also propelled Rubra coffee into a new era of growth and recognition on the global stage.

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Natural Vanilla

At Dessein, our approach to designing Natural Vanilla's packaging is rooted in authenticity and storytelling. We believe in creating designs that reflect the essence of the product and its connection to nature, rather than simply focusing on sales tactics. Our packaging design for Natural Vanilla products is a celebration of purity and craftsmanship. We draw inspiration from the delicate beauty of the vanilla plant and the symbolism of the hummingbird, integrating these elements into our designs to evoke a sense of wonder and reverence for the natural world. Using subtle yet elegant touches such as gold foil accents and raised gloss UV patterns of seeds, we aim to convey the premium quality of Natural Vanilla without resorting to overt sales techniques. Our goal is to engage consumers on a deeper level, inviting them to appreciate the artistry and care that goes into each product. By prioritizing authenticity and storytelling over sales-driven messaging, we strive to create packaging that not only stands out on the shelf but also resonates with consumers on an emotional level, fostering a genuine connection to the Natural Vanilla brand and its values.

Tarni Brand Seafood Packaging

Introducing Tarni: a brand synonymous with sustainably sourced prawns and sashimi-grade scampi harvested from the untamed waters of Western Australia. Their commitment to a ‘Fresh from the Sea to Plate’ ethos means their catch is swiftly transferred from vessel to packaging, snap-frozen at sea to preserve its pristine quality. The packaging isn’t just functional; it’s a statement of sustainability and premium design. Dessein crafted the sleek, tapered box shape, designed for easy assembly, to minimize excess packaging by eliminating the need for double-packing. Each box nests seamlessly within the next, simplifying storage and dispensing. With in-line gluing and an open top, the packaging streamlines the packing process, even in rough seas. Drawing inspiration from their rich 40-year heritage, particularly their flagship vessel, ‘the Tarni’, and the breathtaking landscapes of Shark Bay, the design reflects the hues of the Australian coast. Deep blues, clear turquoise, and burnt copper tones mirror the seas and earth from which their bounty is harvested. Turquoise dominates the prawn packaging, while scampi boxes boast a darker backdrop, accentuating the coral hues of the delicacy within. Our strategic approach went beyond creating visually striking packaging; our strategic approach pays homage to the tradition behind the brand. Textural imagery and illustrations acknowledge the traditional fishing practices that define the brand’s legacy. Enhanced with gloss UV and copper foil accents, the packaging exudes a premium quality that matches the excellence of the products. In essence, this award-winning packaging is more than just a vessel for Tarni’s seafood; it’s a reflection of their commitment to sustainability and functionality, brought to life through Dessein.

Poach Pear artisanal charcuteries

Poach Pear specializes in crafting artisanal charcuteries, including pâtés, terrines, and rillettes, all meticulously handmade in small batches to ensure top-tier quality. Their commitment to excellence is matched only by their enthusiasm for sharing their culinary creations. To enhance the brand's shelf appeal and underscore its artisanal ethos, a refreshed packaging lineup was developed. The packaging features a series of charming animal and plant icons, each representing a key protein and flavour combination. For the terrines, a tapered package shape was devised, inspired by both the loaf tins used in their production and the shape of the product itself. An alternate packaging design allows the terrines to be displayed upright, arranged in a zigzag pattern next to each other. A die-cut pear-shaped window showcases the product, reinforcing the Poach Pear brand identity. Additionally, a sleeve solution was devised for the range of condiments. These sleeves effortlessly slide over the glass jars, securely locking into place. Once removed, the jars are ready to be served and placed on a charcuterie board, inviting customers to indulge in the delicious flavors within.

Ancient Lakes Magnesium

They say good things take time and patience. Deep within the Western Australian remote outback, Lake Deborah has taken 5 million years to create a natural, ancient salt lake. Harvesting the high-potency magnesium minerals and trace elements which lie just beneath the salt layer, three generations of the family-owned brand Ancient Lakes, have taken a fraction of this time to develop their Natural Liquid Magnesium, Salt and, an all-natural range of skincare. With a devoted following of customers who value and understand the benefits of natural liquid magnesium in their diet and to suit their modern lifestyle, Ancient Lakes realised their branding need a refresh in order for their expanded range to appeal to a wider retail market. Engaging Dessein with the brand refresh for their packaging which adhered to stringent TGA requirements, we went back to the source – Lake Deborah for inspiration. Lake Deborah is something truly magnificent. The remoteness of it’s outback location, an unspoilt landscape of contrasting Australian rich red earth against the purest white lake salt is nothing short of spectacular, but it was the subtleties of light late in the day which produced the softest tones of pinks, blues and created gritty textures of the outlying scrub which caught our attention. The skin care range features photographs of this natural wonder and breath-taking colours on the packaging. The illustrative logo, highlights a liquid drop representing the pure and natural magnesium directly sourced from this wonderous lake. Copper foil was added to the Ancient Lakes’ brand to not only elevate the brand and highlight their premium product range, but also convey a sense of rarity and uniqueness due to the specific geological and environmental conditions required for the mineral rich salts to form.

Meluka Botanical Honey

In what feels like an ancient land far away lies Meluka Australia’s unspoilt, organic farm. Situated in a rainforest in Bungawalbin Valley, in Australia’s Northern New South Wales, thousand-year-old Mother Tea Trees flourish in an untouched and pristine environment. Inspired by the natural healing properties of tea tree and honey, it is here where Meluka Australia combine their 100% pure raw honey with botanicals to create a sweet, floral flavoured range of wellbeing products. Influenced by their farm’s natural landscape and the delicate botanicals; Davidson Plum, Lemon Myrtle and Finger Lime, we styled the new range with botanical silver foil illustrations and a vibrant colour palette to reflect the ingredients themselves and highlight the wellness values of this superfood range.


PURABON, a provider of healthy, plant-based snacks since 2014, sought to expand its market presence nationally while reinforcing its commitment to purity, natural ingredients, and simplicity through a rebrand. Dessein, approached the rebranding of PURABON with a focus on its foundational values: purity, naturalness, and simplicity. The goal was to create a design strategy that would reflect these values while ensuring visibility on crowded supermarket shelves. We revisited PURABON’s origins and core values, recognizing the need for a design that would resonate with a wider audience while staying true to the brand’s essence. Departing from the original illustrative design, we developed a modern, minimalist logo featuring clean lines with an integrated leaf motif, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients. Leveraging a vibrant colour palette, the packaging designs showcases hero shots of ingredients alongside the finished product. This design not only differentiated flavours but also communicated PURABON’s dedication to transparency and quality. Dessein strategically arranged the packaging to ensure PURABON stood out on supermarket shelves, creating a dynamic blocking pattern that enhanced the brand’s presence. The rebranding efforts successfully positioned PURABON as a leader in the health food industry, appealing to health-conscious consumers nationwide. The redesigned packaging effectively communicated the brand’s values and product quality, leading to increased market visibility and consumer trust.

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Hunsa Smallgoods

Hunsa Smallgoods, drawing from cherished European family recipes passed down through generations, has been crafting gourmet small goods for over 35 years. Their diverse offerings include shaved, sliced, and whole smallgoods tailored to various price points and consumer preferences. Dessein Employed in-house food styling and signature photography, to highlight the quality of their products. Their premium sliced meats feature a label design emphasizing flavour and quality, with imagery depicting freshly sliced meat on a carving fork, complemented by typographic branding. The vertical label on vacuum-sealed packs showcases the meat’s size, color, and quality, presenting an enticing and affordable range. Introducing a novel concept in Australia, their Heat & Eat Bangers offer pre-cooked sausages ready to enjoy in just 5 minutes, featuring globally-inspired flavors like Thai Chicken and Spanish Chorizo. Vibrant sleeve designs highlight the herbs and spices surrounding the sausages, enhancing their visual appeal while reflecting their culinary origins. Displayed prominently in the deli section, the Heat & Eat Bangers’ eye-catching packaging, with its bold colors and herb-spice explosions, surpassed sales expectations, standing out among competitors’ plastic-packed goods. Lastly, their shaved meats cater to busy families and lunchboxes, offering flavourful options through carefully styled food imagery, showcasing the simplicity and excitement of everyday meals.

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