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Parabrand International was founded 13 years ago. The customers who have served have accumulated over more than 500 large enterprise groups (central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises). International professional consultation and design team of over 100 people. Three core service modules (brand marketing planning, brand vision (VI) design, product packaging design). Two creative design centers (Beijing, Shanghai). A North American Cooperative Organization (Losangeles). The service covers the whole country, mainly in the eastern coastal area of China. Most of the overseas customers are North American food industry.

It is still a century-old brand in the crazy demon capital

The launch of the new packaging has made a qualitative leap in the appearance of Donglaishun's products. The first is the iterative update of the new product's new appearance, which has achieved an excellent performance in the market. It also proves that the new Chinese culture and cutting-edge visual concepts have influenced Donglaishun's new product image design. Ideas are the right path. In the follow-up, more than 30 types of product packaging including hot pot mutton rolls, high-end series, cooked food series, condiment series, and festive gift boxes have been successively designed and promoted, realizing both the branding of Donglaishun and the specialization of products. And the visual appeal of youthful vitality.

All gathering time, delicious sharing! (Quanjude)

To create China's first catering, world-class cuisine, Quanjude's roast duck is deeply loved and praised by customers all over the world, but our packaging is still stuck in an aesthetic trend of the past, with various styles, designed for the trend of products, completely showing no difference. Chuquanjude is a well-known brand and a characteristic of Beijing. Therefore, Quanjude Group will start with an earth-shaking reform in food packaging, discarding the product-oriented packaging model and opening a brand-oriented model. , to better spread the charm and culture of Quanjude, and integrate modern youth with traditional charm. Forming the unique style characteristics of Quanjude, throwing away customers' inherent impression of Quanjude, and showing a new and different image to customers, it must also be a new baptism for consumers.

A different Mid-autumn tour

In the collision and communication with Paris Baguette, we accurately understood the brand positioning of Paris Baguette, and we decided to customize a different new Mid-Autumn and New Chinese style for it, not only a tradition, but also a representative of young people. Gathering festival. This time, with the theme of "Moon Viewing", we sorted out the scenes of "Moon Viewing on the Roof, Viewing the Moon at the Window, and Viewing the Moon at the Door" to create five packaging gift box designs. The artistic conception is full of beauty, which not only conforms to the aesthetic and happy positioning of Paris Baguette, but also presents the feeling of enjoying the moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival, reunion and happiness. It is also the result of the collision between tradition and modernity. Through this project design, we deeply understand that the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box not only represents the tradition, but also a breakthrough in the new era and new fashion. We hereby also wish Paris Baguettes another success in this year's Mid-Autumn Festival sales and a brilliant future.

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Inspirational rice wine packaging

No matter how it changes, it is unique and full-bodied, and this time we have made a new definition for the packaging of rice wine. In the past, its impression was gentle, sweet and fashionable, but this time we plated it with a sense of luxury like the white moonlight. Through the previous research on the characteristics of pure rice wine, it was finally concluded that the design scheme of rice wine adopts a barrel-filled bottle, which gives people a high-end and unique meaning. , which makes people want to explore the mystery under the texture. The carving method on the upper body of the bottle highlights its craftsmanship, which is advanced but not extravagant, making people unable to touch its tenderness. For the visual packaging of rice wine, we have adopted a minimalist style, which is both advanced and refined. Every line of words in it seems to have life, deducing its life: "17 degrees pure rice wine, soft and soft at room temperature, refreshing and sweet, taste the original taste of rice wine. It drips into the soul, and the aftertaste is long." Overall shape Advanced and gentle, showing its different impressions.

XGIMI Gift Box with Atmosphere

In terms of design, the whole body of the gift box is made of fashionable new black. The black decoration is not dull, but gives the packaging a sense of high-level mystery. In ancient Chinese culture, black is also a symbol of the north, representing "water", implying that the grains are ripe. In modern culture, black has been endowed with nobility, stability, technology and power at the same time. Regardless of the field, it can make other colors (bright colors) stand out, and can also form its own unique flavor. Only the company's logo and icon are placed on the front of the package, which highlights the minimalist to high-level packaging. There is no extra embellishment on the periphery of the packaging, as if any extra place is superfluous. We use traditional Chinese elements (doors, lanterns) to open the gift box. The first thing that catches the eye is a door with a festive atmosphere. The middle of the door is engraved with the words "Open the door Daji". "Open the door Daji" is also called "Open the door" firecracker". After a burst of firecrackers, the ground is broken red, like a cloud of brocade, so it is named "full house red", which means that the new year begins in a festive atmosphere, bringing consumers into a new year's memory. Open the "gate", and we are shown a red lantern (that is, a utensil for holding rice), which is in response to the phrase "big red lantern hangs high". The red lantern symbolizes family reunion, prosperous career, and prosperity. , symbolizing happiness, light, vitality, completeness and wealth, and hanging red lanterns symbolizing the meaning of reunion to create a festive atmosphere. The overall package is high-end and unique without being sloppy. In terms of material, the gift box packaging is all made of environmentally friendly materials. In order to uphold the green sustainability of the global ecological environment, the inner and outer packaging of the Sina rice gift box can be reused. The exquisite and textured outer box turns into a high-quality storage box immediately after removing the filler, which can store all kinds of idle items in the home; the inner packaging bottle can be combined into a lantern pendant, or it can be divided into separate small bottles as vase flower arrangements. Or hold some condiments in the kitchen, which are beautiful and practical, and the inner packaging bottle is safe and hygienic with food-grade materials. We have applied for a unique patent for the handle, and its feel, experience and technology are naturally advanced.

Continue to write classics, empower a century

As a time-honored tea brand, Zhang Yiyuan has a rich product line. How to plan the product line system correctly? It is a practical problem currently facing, and it is imperative to make a comprehensive plan to meet the market demand. The framework of Zhang Yiyuan's three mainstream product lines organically divides hundreds of products, including Jasmine's exclusive product line, Zhang's brand exclusive product line, and e-commerce product exclusive line. The product positioning is different, and the main market is also more refined. Jasmine represents the mainstream brand positioning of Zhang Yiyuan. The offline stores carry a rich product line of Zhang Yiyuan brand tea, and Zhang Yiyuan’s online e-commerce series of teas mainly expand the consumption of young people. Market space also plays the role of brand market pioneer. The biggest difficulty in Zhang Yiyuan's packaging design work is that it retains the sense of history of Zhang Yiyuan's century-old brand, and integrates the plasticity of current artistic aesthetics. "Reviewing the old and learning the new" is both traditional and modern, and continues to rise in collisions. Jasmine tea has always been the core category in Zhang Yiyuan's brand communication. The purpose of creating an exclusive visual symbol of jasmine is to make it more popular with the mainstream awareness of the category; At the same time, it also combines Zhang Yiyuan's overall brand strategic layout, and reaches a consensus on the positioning of "new Chinese packaging design". Based on the historical sense of Zhang Yiyuan's cultural brand, it injects modern fashion elements, from packaging color, form of expression, aesthetics In terms of structure and other aspects, it is fully built in 360°.

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The beginning of life, the choice of health

Good products must be well packaged. For the packaging design of face towel, new fashion and artistic techniques are used for creative design. The packaging adopts color block illustration style design, which mainly highlights the characteristics of fashion, personality, youth and art. The founder of art, Picasso, interprets his eclectic artistic attitude in his entire artistic career. His works are rich and varied in style. Later generations use "Picasso is always young" to describe Picasso's changeable art forms. This design work is created using Picasso's changeable young artistic techniques. The two fashionable and young goddesses present a perfect artistic portrait through color block splicing. Color interprets the passion for life and the vitality of emotion. tone. The intimacy between girlfriends is inseparable, the inseparability between girlfriends, and the sharing of good things between girlfriends. This design is a dedication to fashion and art, and it is also the best interpretation of the product.

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The creative road of Renhe Yenneng

Renhe Materia Medica Enzyme inherits the essence of traditional Chinese medicine culture for thousands of years. It uses the unique intangible cultural heritage processing technology of the Chinese medicine capital Zhangbang, all of which are based on the authentic raw materials of the same source as medicine and food. Fermentation is ahead of other brands and is well received by the public. As the saying goes, a good horse is matched with a good saddle. At present, the enzyme packaging design of various channels is varied, and most of them are quite satisfactory, mainly based on product attribute-oriented packaging visual design. However, this method did not give full play to its advantages in the market, leaving only a flowing impression to customers, so Renhe Yen was eager to find a new way of development. First of all, it needs to change its traditional thinking and adjust from product-oriented to brand-oriented. Renhe is different from other small brands. It is an old brand with more than 20 years and also has a pivotal influence in the industry. Enzyme is also the key development direction of Renhe Group in the future. The brand concept of herbal medicine, technology and innovation must be implanted into the packaging design. "Data visualization" is our concept for conventional product design. Renhe Group has acquired a number of enzyme research and production institutions through capital operation, and has become the most powerful enterprise in terms of technical reserves and patented vaccines. Since the technology Renhe has been built and has a large number of technical patents, these advantages are the information that consumers are most interested in. Therefore, Zhiyuan uses Renhe's unique product code to create the main visual elements of the packaging, and the ingenious integration of data and herbal illustrations , which conveys the essence of the thousand-year-old traditional Chinese medicine culture and has the beauty of fashion. High-end rose enzyme is positioned as a business-oriented product, and adopts forest green with advanced imagery. The choice of forest green not only expresses the awareness of environmental protection, health, safety and nature, but also makes the whole package surrounded by a sense of quality. A rose born to the sun is used as the main element, which makes it more three-dimensional with a sharp convex form. The bottle body is also made of roasted golden roses, like a pair of eyes sparkling in the packaging, echoing the business sense of the outer packaging.

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Number One Star - Moment of the Shining Star

Global vision, resource integration, leveraging the multi-dimensional brand scale of the tea market Through nearly two months of research work with the China Tea team, we compared the British afternoon tea culture with the German flower and herbal dining habits, and deeply explored the flavor of North American fast-moving tea beverages, the essence of pure tea and Chinese herbal tea from China, Japan and South Korea, and the essence of Chinese herbal tea. The flavor is elegant and light, oriental aesthetics, the combination of East and West in Australia/South Asia, various tea drinking cultures, including the flavor of herbal and spice tea, have carried out multi-dimensional and multi-level research and analysis to build a brand scale. In the second half of the effort, overtaking on the corner, "planting grass" flourished Extend the "T-shaped" brand matrix of the tea market, focus on the second half of the market, accurately locate the portraits of consumer groups, and compare and analyze the new-style teas with the most sales in 2019. Fruit tea (83% of the respondents expressed their preference for fruit tea, followed by It is milk cap tea and milk tea), and the crowd is targeted at young people aged 26-35. The "grass planting" experience shows the inspiration of cool tea's original flavor, extraordinary experience, and comprehensive efforts, which provides a reliable basis for the planning and design of the number one tea star. With its own intelligent social attributes, new tea IP, fixed novel taste No.1 Mingxing is committed to providing better quality and healthier leisure tea for contemporary young women. From traditional Chinese tea to Internet-based, younger and new tea culture with its own social attributes, No.1 Mingxing brand conveys character and authenticity. My attitude is to create a successful "core force". Combining playing card patterns and "stars", the fresh brand IP emerges, and the multi-level pattern series also fits the attributes of products that do not understand the grade and is seamlessly connected. Diversified and modern style, big-name star style, changeable and follow your heart We use the cover style of fashion magazines in our design, integrating the concept of "star", and the design layout is cleverly "meeting" with the cover of the magazine. and so on, all come from different perspectives, and the essence of creation is bursting. The marketing highlights are displayed in the form of digital design, delivering a simple, easy-to-remember, and profound visual impact to consumers, which is also in line with the essential characteristics of Internet marketing.

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lazy happy paper

Generation Z is a very young group. They are individual, sunny, warm and enjoy life. Through careful research and research on common packaging forms in the market. Without personality and unique high-value packaging, it is impossible to obtain the first experience of the consumer group in the Z era, which is related to the long-term market performance of the product. So the team through repeated discussions and thinking with customers. The packaging design adopts the strategy of cartoon IP to create a visual form that the Z era likes and an IP image with a unique personality in the daily paper, and distinguish the visual personality of the series through IP cartoons, color changes, and scene changes. The overall packaging design is unified without losing the relative series personality. 1. Lazy Life Paper adopts "dog" as the core element. Dog is a loyal friend of human beings. It is characterized by "approachable, docile, enthusiastic, brave, and bold, which reflects the beautiful life that young people should have." Status; 2. The selection of kitchen paper uses "koala bear" as the core element. The koala bear gives people the feeling of being cute and lazy, and the kitchen gives the feeling of relaxation, leisure and laziness. Rest time , it is better to have a big meal with relatives, lovers and friends! The characteristics of koalas and kitchens are exactly the same. 3. Wet toilet paper chooses "squirrel" as the core element, The little squirrel gives people the impression of being cute, sweet and hard-working, which reflects the positive energy spirit of young people who maintain a positive and hard-working spirit at all times during the rest period. 4. The face towel is chosen to use "cat" as the core element, and the cat feels high and cold , beauty, and cleanliness. It is also more in line with the current girls who want to have their own exquisite life in the lazy life. The combination of the two is the most suitable.

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Young people's

The logo design of Yancha brand adopts the form of font mark, which is simple but not simple, straightforward and easy to understand, which is in line with the cognitive level of consumers and is more conducive to the digital communication in the intelligent era; the personalized and artistic font design is rich in words Tea is unique, free, happy and simple, which shows the life attitude of the core consumer groups, and also visually interprets Yancha's "If you want to be happy, please live slowly", and transmits the "value declaration" to young young people. Rooted in the quintessence of national culture, come to a "soul dialogue" In an era when categories are becoming more and more blurred and culture is constantly manifested, cultural product packaging design is one of the core factors for successful marketing. The Yancha team has set a high standard of "Chinese culture, tea, and idol", and the local specialization route has once again won the "inheritance". soul. At the moment of rapid economic development, cultural self-confidence has been reiterated again and again, and has penetrated into the journey of great rejuvenation. As the main force of the times, young people play with creative culture in their own way, and the quintessential culture of Yancha brand naturally caters to the trend of the times. . "Medium Interchange" to create a distinctive "Yancha" The second creative point of packaging design is the very interesting "medium swap" design concept. In order to accurately obtain the visual aesthetic orientation of core consumers, the Zhiyuan team studied the graduation exhibitions of students from eight major academies of fine arts in the past two years, representing the future artistic aesthetics and core leading consumer groups, capturing inspiration from their vision, and playing with packaging The world is a group of cutting-edge aesthetic cognitions, and "medium exchange" is what leads the creative point (for example: Crazy Global's big yellow duck case, a small duck that has always been very common, is implanted into urban buildings through wireless amplification, formed a strong visual impact.) "Packaged tea" strives for big with small, focusing on distinctive brand "Idol Label" The pace of life in first-, second- and third-tier cities is fast, and many people choose to pack meals, drinks, etc. in order to save time. The concept of "packed tea" is not only in line with the "slow" attribute of tea culture, but also for the hearts of people in a fast-paced life. The "slow-paced" lifestyle that China desires provides the soil. The combination of the packaging box (outer packaging) and the slow-paced (tea itself) is to enjoy the slow life in the fast-paced, relax physically and mentally, and live leisurely...

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Inheriting the classic of Hungarian bull's blood

The design of the brand logo has been completely redesigned, retaining the visual elements of the cow, strengthening the local treatment of the cow's head, and major changes in details and angles. Conveys the leadership of Tamas Winery in the Hungarian wine industry. The packaging design strengthens the winery's style, and the three classic red wine labels all adopt the same treatment method. The historic castle is the highlight of Tamas Winery, which has a good value for red wine history and cultural research. The packaging information on the wine label adopts the English irregular design structure of the flower body, combined with the castle picture of Tamas Winery, which conveys a sense of simplicity and classics.

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