The 2024 Pentawards Jury has been announced

The 2024 Pentawards Jury has been announced

jury announcement

We're excited to reveal the line-up for this year's Pentawards jury panel, with new packaging experts from Coca-Cola, Unilever, Haleon, Denomination, Turner Duckworth and more!

We're excited to reveal the line-up for this year's Pentawards jury panel, with new packaging experts from Coca-Cola, Unilever, Haleon, Denomination, Turner Duckworth and more! 

Made up of a talented collection of industry leaders from across the world, the 2024 jury panel consists of 50+ members of varied nationalities, genders, ages, expertise, and experiences.

Want them to see your work? Make sure you enter the 2024 competition, opening on Monday 29 January .

Who will judge your work?

The jury features creators, designers, packaging enthusiasts, and more, from a diverse collection of reputed brands and agencies that have played significant roles in influencing the world of packaging design. It includes COTY, PUMA, Suntory, Diageo and Reckitt, and Huda Beauty. 

Chloe Templeman and John Glasgow will remain as Jury Co-Presidents for a second year.

See the full 2024 Pentawards jury-line-up here.

Meet the newest members of the 2024 Jury line-up...

Rebecca McCowan, Design Director at Coca-Cola (Europe)

Rebecca currently leads the branding and visual identity designs for Coca-Cola Europe.

Rebecca is intrigued by smart, distinctive design solutions and always seeks to get an emotional response through a piece of design. She believes that design is at the core of all good businesses, marketing campaigns, and well… everything. When not obsessing over beautiful typography, she is generally exploring her adopted city of Vienna.

Mark Buckley, Strategic Design Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation (UK)

Mark Buckley is a Strategic Design Manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Combining his creative experience across research, product, and service design innovation, Mark uses design at the Foundation to engage and equip the creatives in their network to design for a circular economy.

Mark has led the development of tools and resources that empower organisations to rethink their packaging portfolios, through radical upstream innovation aligned with circular economy principles.

Ta’mora Fuhrmann, Brand Design Manager at General Mills (USA)

Tamora Fuhrmann, the Global Brand Design lead for Snacks at General Mills, brings over two decades of branding expertise to the table. Responsible for maintaining brand integrity, she champions design thinking and asset management to ensure the longevity of General Mills’ beloved brands.

Her innovative approach includes introducing comprehensive brand worlds that engage all five senses, pushing the boundaries of traditional branding. Tamora has a background at both General Mills and Target Corp, where she played a pivotal role in developing and creating successful owned brands.

In her role, Tamora is not just a designer; she is a forward-thinking creative dedicated to crafting brand legacies that endure. Her leadership is not only shaping brands for today but ensuring they thrive for decades to come.

Graeme Offord, Executive Creative Director, Denomination (Australia)

Hailing from New Zealand, Graeme’s curiosity has taken him to 80 countries (and counting).

Over the last 16 years seen him work in the USA, Asia and now Australia. With a reputation for creating award-winning work that blends innovative design with strategic thinking, Graeme leads the creative team at global drinks branding specialist Denomination’s Sydney studio.”

Yoshihiko Miyagi, Creative Director, Suntory (Japan)

Yoshi has a broad range of experience in branding, product development, and package design across various categories, including food, beverage, beauty, and health.

He joined Suntory in 2022 after leading the creative team at Interbrand Tokyo, where he played a key role in various domestic and global brand development projects. Currently, he is leading both corporate and product branding projects, delivering high-quality work through a strong, insight-driven approach derived from deep consumer understanding.

Suzy Shelley, Sustainability and Materials Lead, Pearlfisher (UK)

Before stepping into the role of Sustainability Lead at Pearlfisher London, Suzy spent over a decade working as a product and packaging designer. Through this experience, she became increasingly conscious of her direct impact on the planet as both a creator and a consumer, ultimately guiding her to transition into the world of Sustainable Design.

At Pearlfisher, Suzy champions the integration of sustainable thinking into design, woven throughout Pearlfisher’s Philosophy of Design for Life, a belief in a future where design shapes a better world. Suzy's conviction lies in the transformative potential of designers as creative thinkers and effective problem solvers. She believes in designers as agents of change, capable of challenging conventions, and employing design as a tool for good – not only safeguarding the planet for future generations but also having a positive impact on people’s lives today.

To bring about lasting change, Suzy believes in big picture thinking that goes beyond materials, waste, and analysis. She underscores the importance of cross industry collaboration, and that successfully encouraging positive choices and behaviours among consumers is achieved through the creation of lighter, desirable products with enhanced consumer experiences.

Amit Arora, Global Design Manager - Sustainability, Haleon (UK)

Amit has recently joined Haleon as a Design Manager, focussing on sustainability & inclusivity initiatives across all brands within the business. His current role touches the full spectrum of design, from design and innovation strategy to 3D structure, all with the aim of creating more inclusive and sustainable consumer experiences. He supports teams to achieve the business ESG goals, by using design to identify and explore new opportunities, pilot new ways of working and roll out across the organisation.

Prior to joining Haleon, Amit spent the previous 12 years in various roles Unilever, developing new global packaging solutions for brands such as Dove, Axe and Rexona. Amit’s experience of sustainability goes beyond structural packaging, spending time developing formulations and fragrances and launching them into global markets. This has given him the experience to think about system approaches to sustainability and navigate the complex, interdependent decisions required to launch truly sustainable innovations across multiple markets. Amit has experience designing for circular systems, having partnered with Loop to develop and launch refill deodorants in the US under the Dove brand.

Evelyn Hegi, Senior Global Design Leader, Beauty & Wellbeing, Unilever (UK)

With a passion for design and a love for creative problem solving, Ev is a highly experienced and talented designer. She graduated from the University of the Arts London and has 20 years of agency design experience. She has worked on FMCG and premium brands across multiple continents and has been fortunate to work at some of the most successful award-winning brand design agencies in London, Sydney, and Dubai.

Ev believes that effective design is the creation of meaningful brand experience ideas that are beautifully executed. She is focused on enhancing the purpose and beauty of design.

Currently, as a Senior Global Design leader at Unilever in the beauty and Wellbeing category, she leads design briefs for some of the world's leading brands, including Dove, Simple, Ren, Murad, Vaseline, and Tresemme. In this role, she combines her creative expertise with a deep understanding of business needs to deliver impactful design solutions

Evgenia (Jane) Struk, Managing Creative Director, ARD Design (UK)

Jane is the Managing Creative Director at ARD, an independent design agency with offices in London, Vevey, and Zurich, creating brands and packaging since 1987. In 2022, she took on the role of Managing and Creative Director at ARD London, leading the creative team and shaping the agency's direction.

With 13 years of design experience, Jane has collaborated with major brands such as NESTLÉ, Unilever, Pepsico, Bayer, Danone, and Heineken. Fueled by a deep passion for creativity and armed with a strategic design vision, Jane has won prestigious international awards, including Pentawards, Red Dot Communication Design, The Dieline, European Design Awards, Eurobest, and World Brand Design Society.

Li Guanru, Creative Director & Founder, L3 Branding (China)

As the founder of L3branding, Guanru graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and worked at Fabrica in Italy. He founded L3branding in 2014 and has maintained long-term cooperation with many international brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Danone, Mars, and so on.

L3brading has once boosted the sales of more than 2 billion yuan of products a year through a new design for a package. In addition to FMCG and packaging design, Guanru has worked in a variety of specialized fields including brand identity, typography, and advertising design, and has won numerous design awards from D&AD, OneShow, NY ADC, and Tokyo TDC.

Matt Lurcock, Creative Director, Turner Duckworth (UK)

Matt is a Creative Director at Turner Duckworth. Having joined straight from graduation, he has 13 years of experience leading redesigns for many global and upcoming brands, including Icelandic Provisions, Green & Black's, Royal Mail, Coors Light, Tuborg, and Jim Beam.

His recent industry talks have explored the importance of distinctiveness and memory in the success of great branding. Matt is a keen advocate for a more sustainable future, loves his garden, and is currently reading up on hot composting and soil restoration.

Margherita Porra, Creative Director, Arithmetic (Canada)

Margherita Porrà, founder and creative director of ARITHMETIC, recipient of over forty-five design awards, including nine PENTAWARDS is celebrated for her innate talent in synthesizing the unspoken feeling needs of humans, their behaviors, and market data into an aesthetic harmony, which resonates to create change. She is a driving thought leader in the human-centric branding process where human and soul-based needs come first (where people are not abstracted to simply “consumer” and relegated to data points).

Porrà’s work connects human feelings to the outward expression of a brand, stripping away the clutter of marketing jargon to create an offering which is rich in honesty and emotion. It is her belief that once we can connect as humans, we have a chance to engage each other’s help in healing our earth. Porrà has spent her twenty-year plus design career deeply aware of dwindling resources, feeling it in her bones and in a panic for change. She leads the ARITHMETIC team in investing in research for alternative packaging materiality and manufacturing partners, continually asking the uncomfortable questions, and changing personal behavior to understand what is involved to incite change in others. By extension, and in action, she is actively redefining what the luxury category is. In her vision, the new luxury is sustainable, inclusive, values-led with room for independent businesses making quality goods, thoughtfully. The new luxury is wellness for humans and the earth. It is craftsmanship. It is honest. The new luxury swaps exclusivity for connection.

Among the honour of over forty-five awards, the highest honours are the recipient of nine PENTAWARDS, the inaugural DIELINE Sustainability Award, the AACE award, the Canadian Design Exchange Museum Emerging Graphic Designer of the Year and the recipient of the Tokyo Type Directors Club. Her design work has been published countless times in the Dieline, Taschen’s the package design book, Victionary, Applied Arts Magazine, IDN Magazine, and Wallpaper. She has been on the jury for the DIELINE, Applied Arts and now, PENTAWARDS.

Sofia Kalligeri, Senior Marketing Manager, Strategy & Innovation - Europe, Colgate-Palmolive (Switzerland)

Sofia Kalligeri is a passionate marketer, with over 15 years of international experience in the FMCG industry.

She studied and started off her career in Finance but soon took a U-turn and moved to Marketing, a fateful & decidedly right decision.

Her curiosity, adventure-seeking character and some luck took her from her native Athens, Greece to Paris, New York and most recently to Basel, Switzerland.

During that time she had the opportunity to work in different markets in Europe, Africa and Middle East, at local, hub and divisional levels, in various marketing roles for some of the world’s highest penetrated household brands like Colgate, Palmolive, Ajax, Protex and more.

In the past 5 years she has been working on innovation and branding, where she led several new product initiatives (including the Pentaward winner Palmolive UP!), developed brand and portfolio strategies, communication campaigns, sustainability roadmaps, digital ecosystem architectures.

She is fascinated by design, in both professional and personal life, and considers deep design understanding a precious & strong capability for any innovator or marketer.

Julia Marsh, Co-Founder & CEO, Sway (UK)

Julia Marsh is the co-founder and CEO of Sway, a venture-backed biomaterials company producing compostable packaging made from seaweed. Julia is a designer with over a decade spent building brand and packaging systems for consumer goods companies, technology startups, and design studios.

Motivated by the belief that designers must take part in solving the planet’s greatest challenges, she founded Sway in 2020 with the goal of replacing plastics at scale. In 2021, Sway's seaweed-based packaging was chosen as a winner of the Beyond the Bag Challenge, sponsored by Closed Loop Partners and a consortium of global retailers.

In the Spring of 2022, Sway was announced as a finalist in the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize organized by Lonely Whale, Tom Ford, and Stella McCartney. Sway has been featured in publications including Vogue, Forbes, and Fast Company. The company is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, and 1% for the Planet.

Julia's team is now on a mission to replenish the planet by supporting healthy ocean ecosystems, designing out packaging waste, and creating a more inclusive environmental movement.

Alberto Cienfuegos, Partner and Creative Director, Lavernia & Cienfuegos (Spain)

Industrial Design Engineer from CEU San Pablo (Valencia). In 1995 he started working in Nacho Lavernia’s studio. In 2000, he associated with him forming Lavernia & Cienfuegos.

His works have received recognition with national and international awards: Laus, AEPD, ADCV, Delta, ADI-FAD, Type Directors Club of New York, Design Plus, The Dieline, Pentawards, etc. He has given lectures and design classes in different schools and universities: CEU San Pablo and EASD (Valencia), ELISAVA (Barcelona), Tecnun University of Navarra, etc.

Carlin Van Rensburg, Art Director, PUMA (Germany)

Based in Bavaria, Germany, Carlin joined PUMA as a Brand Designer in 2019 before becoming Art Director in 2021.

Noelle Gauthier, Research & Development Packaging Senior Manager, COTY (France)

Noelle began her career in a large retailers chain (E. Leclerc), in the food department, before joining the Estée Lauder group, working for 6 years in the Merchandising department.

She moved internally to the packaging department in 2006, starting with make-up developments for the first 2 years (Estée Lauder & Clinique brands), then got the opportunity to be in charge of integrating Darphin cosmetic brand, and handling all launches for the next 10 years.

In 2018 she joined Coty, developing products for Luxury Fragrance brands : starting with Bottega Venetta & Roberto Cavalli. At present, she handles all Calvin Klein & Tiffany launches

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