A new perspective for the humble canned food

Back A new perspective for the humble canned food

Barceló Estudio’s packaging design for Conservas Son Sardina canned food that delivers a fresh, contemporary minimalist twist to the simple product.

Conservas Son Sardina specialize in the distribution and marketing of canned seafood. To bring this unassuming product into our everyday modern lives, Barceló Estudio set out to create a visual language that communicates to a younger audience.

The design concept is inspired by the ‘glass half empty or half full’ metaphor, reflecting the way we may see our daily lives. This is visually represented by clean line illustrations that reflect the shape of the can but with one half filled with a pattern and the other blank. The simplicity of the design creates a sense of tranquillity, further complimented by block muted colours that also provides variant indication and minimal copy in white font.

It's about getting out of the routine and breaking with what we do every day. A way to go beyond a simple product, or a snack. Maybe new ways of seeing, understanding and reflecting on the everyday and turning it into something more special.

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