D8’s luxury redesign for The Lakes classic English Gin

Back D8’s luxury redesign for The Lakes classic English Gin

D8’s complete redesign that puts The Lake distillery’s process and unique architecture as the cornerstone for the new brand positioning.

The Lakes’ classic English Gin is produced as part of a long, slow and gentle distillation process using traditional copper pot still. The state-of-the-art distillery, which is built from original Victorian stonework, set out to produce a complete brand repositioning through collaboration with D8 Studio to transform their best-selling product: its gin.

During D8’s initial research they discovered numerous quatrefoil symbols within the stonework of the state-of-the-art distillery, symbolising Faith, Hope, Luck, and Love.

D8’s new campaign and master visual design was driven by a desire to bring together the Gin’s unique distilling process and the distillery’s unique architecture, refining the focus of its visual identity on these quatrefoil symbols, making them key brand assets and compass points of its journey into luxury.

These symbols feature extensively throughout the packaging, appearing on the slender labels and carried right through to the distinctive blue glass bottle as an embossed repeat pattern. By rotating the quatrefoil around multiple origin points, D8 created infinite unique spirals to characterise each product. The backdrop for a single quatrefoil contains The Lakes logotype, embellished with embossing and spot varnishing.

To complete the design, the Gin is enclosed by a copper capsule featuring a varnished illustration of the distillery’s UNESCO World Heritage Site home.

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