Kolluda: The new CBD range from Burgopak and Duallok

Back Kolluda: The new CBD range from Burgopak and Duallok

We speak to Alethea Price, Marketing Manager at Burgopak on their new CBD range of packaging design, Kolluda. With a growing interest from consumers in their health, fitness and beauty products, Burgopak partnered with Duallok to develop innovative, luxury and personalised packaging for this market. She shares with us the details.

Tell us a little bit about the Burgopak brand

Burgopak is most well-known for their patents – the essence behind each movable mechanism that makes a Burgopak so unique. Born from an infatuation with pop-up books, Founder Burgo Wharton wanted to give packaging the same unexpected and captivating experience that pop-up books brough him as a child. Many years later his very first concept has grown to include four core product ranges meeting the needs of a host of products and industries, sharing 136 live patents and design rights today.

How did the alliance between the Burgopak and Duallok studios come about?

Not all may know but Duallok was originally created by Burgopak off the back of their experience in CR packaging in the Pharma industry. The design came about as a response to an increasing need for child-safety as the legalization of Cannabis quickly expanded across the United States, and due to the popularity we decided to create a dedicated team within a sister company, forming Duallok to focus on child-resistant packaging. We then saw an opportunity to bring some of our work to the CBD/wellness space and created the Kolluda brand to differentiate the offering.

Tell us more about the Kolluda range, what are the different designs available?

The current range includes four key solutions, based on the iconic Burgopak Cabrio, Slider, Left-Right and more recent Ejector designs – otherwise known as Type-C, Type-S, Type-LR and Type-E.

The Type-C and Type-S both offer perfect solutions for dropper bottles, vitamin bottles and jars. With adjustable internal fitments, they can accommodate a broad range of product shapes and sizes, while cut-aways expose areas of print for product enhancement or message placement. Still housing a classic Burgopak interactive opening mechanism, the sliding movement creates visual continuity between external and internal elements, so open or closed the packaging elevates the product making a great retail display or opportunity for visual merchandising.

The Type-LR, or Left-Right describes its unique two-way opening mechanism. With a product tray on both sides, this design is ideal for paired or complimentary products such as Day and Night, Relax and Invigorate, or gift sets. The two trays extend the product story with visual interest and a journey through the unboxing.

Last but not least the Type-E ejector has to be my favourite design in this collection. The easy pull of a luxury ribbon reveals the product hidden inside. Particularly well suited to chocolate bars and edibles, the subtle compact solution and suspenseful nature of the opening, offers a sense of heightened luxury and anticipation.

That said it is easily adjusted to accommodate a range of other products from bottles all the way to loyalty or gift cards. For our launch range we chose a soft and minimal aesthetic, but a wide range of materials and print finishes are available to give brands the opportunity to be subtle and classic, loud and bold or rustic and natural.

Tell us a bit about the branding and visual identity behind the Kolluda range

We wanted to keep the Duallok brand purely focused on child-resistant packaging and therefore needed a new identity for our range of CBD packaging that does not necessarily share this requirement, and Kolluda presented an opportunity to better serve this audience. The Kolluda name is derived as an anagram of Duallok and just feels right for this space.

We created a clean, light, natural aesthetic so that our products would sit comfortably in the wellness space. With cut-away sections to expose layers within the packaging to build curiosity and offer customers a unique opportunity to experiment with their brand, the minimalist form with sharp angled elements speaks to the luxury wellness sector, while presenting a blank canvas on which to build aesthetic interest. Keeping the copy minimal and visual communication dedicated to describing the product also lends itself to this canvas, making it clear that the product ‘is’ the packaging itself.

The aim is to offer both shelf and e-commerce impact, that reinforces communication and brand values in a solution that is both tactile and photograph-friendly to encourage that digital sharing trend that is so prominent in today’s society.

What made you delve into the CBD and luxury wellness market?

In recent years we’ve witnessed a rising interest from consumers to take control of their health, fitness and beauty, in turn making way for a dramatic rise in innovative, luxury and personalised healthcare and wellness products on the market. The competition in this sector is fierce and we found clients calling for ways to differentiate themselves. Kolluda was developed in response to this growing need for wellness and CBD solutions.

Although this sector has seen expansion in retailer stores, it has also witnessed a clear increase in e-commerce making the unboxing experience a vital physical touchpoint for this industry. With the knowledge and expertise Duallok have gained from working in the legalised cannabis industry, and the expansion in CBD products available across the US, UK and Europe, joining forces once more was an exciting prospect to bring to market again a range that would provide a more curated and exclusive feeling touchpoint for both brand and consumer.

Can you share some examples of previous work from Burgopak?

I would love to. We like to believe there’s not a product we haven’t packaged, but we are always asking clients to test us on that and somehow the list continues to grow. From bank card solutions for some of the world’s most innovative fintechs including Curve, Bunq and Crypto.com, to children science kits for Technology Will Save Us, Gift cards for Nandos, Champagne bottles for Fortnum & Mason and health testing kits for Thriva, we work across industries. Our goal is – can we give your consumers an unforgettable experience they are compelled to share, love and keep for years to come? If we can do that, we all benefit.

When are the next designs due for release?

2020 has been a big year of change for both Burgopak and Duallok. Weeks ago we saw the launch of the new Super Envelope range from Burgopak, designed to optimise the way we send direct-mail, and we are excited to say Duallok are in the process of developing the Duallok Mark II in response to much requested demand from the continually expanding legalised Cannabis industry. We are constantly exploring new designs and looking to expand our portfolio. The range will no doubt grow organically and it’s best to follow our social channels for the latest updates.


Burgopak is a world leader in design and manufacture of innovative patented packaging for products of all shapes and sizes. While Duallok is an award-winning Child-resistant packaging solution dedicated to the legalised Cannabis market. With a highly creative and experienced collaborative team, together we designs to brief, to provide an engaging opening experience to your customers, creates a higher perceived value of your product with clever cardboard engineering, and makes your life easier by managing the process right from conception to completion.


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