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South Korean beauty and pharmaceutical company, Kolmar Korea, has developed an eco-friendly packaging made from paper specially designed for beauty creams that come in a tube.

In recent years, more and more cosmetic companies in South Korea are embracing eco-friendly packaging amid the growing popularity of KBeauty products and increasing concerns to reduce single-use plastic.

As a result, in January the Korea Cosmetic Association launched the ‘2030 Cosmetics Plastic Initiative’ with a goal to do away with materials that are not recyclable by 2030.

Some products however are easier to package sustainably than others. Brands and manufacturers are often deterred from using paper and biodegradable packaging for creams and liquids, citing durability as the main concern, and plastic also provides a lighter and more cost-effective option compared to glass. Kolmar Korea’s Paper Tube was made with these packaging concerns in mind.

Reinforced with a waterproof layer of coated paper, Paper Tubes are able to contain moisture without getting soggy and can hold up to 50 kilograms (110 pounds) ensuring durability during transportation or storage, thus providing the same benefits as plastic whilst also being a more affordable alternative to glass.

The unique added benefit of Paper Tubes is their tear-able base. This allows the consumer to pull open the tube in order to reach every last drop.

In addition, the tubes can be moulded to accommodate the needs of different brands, and sleeves can be personalised with company branding.

So far Kolmar Korea’s Paper Tubes are 80% eco-friendly however they are yet to find an effective alternative to the plastic nozzle. The brand released a statement saying they are hoping someone comes up with an innovative solution for the cap too.

To find out more about Kolmar Korea visit their website .

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