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What does UPM Raflatac do?

UPM Raflatac is a global manufacturer of self-adhesive materials, with headquarters in Finland. Our materials are sustainable by design and are the perfect canvas to bring life to creativity wherever a label is needed. Our products are used by many of the most renowned brands and able to meet the most demanding functional requirements. As the leader of the bio-based forest industry, we aim to provide solutions to global challenges whilst at the same time creating value to our stakeholders. UPM Raflatac is in a unique position to improve customers’ business and environmental performance and to reduce the world’s reliance on fossil-based materials.

What is ground-breaking about your products and the future of labels?

We want to label a smarter future beyond fossils! We use recyclable, renewable bio-based materials and we have the capability to measure the environmental impact of our products during their entire life cycle. We are committed to engineer new products capable of meeting today’s, and tomorrow’s, market needs. A good example is our new Forest Film, a plastic film generated with wood waste from our sustainably managed forests. Yes, we turned the wood into plastic in our Polypropylene label material, 100% produced starting from our forest wood waste. Another important element of differentiation of our value proposition is that we are constantly developing premium and luxury labelling products with solid environmental credentials. Today, also luxury packaging must be sustainable.

How can you help designers with their projects?

We think designers have a responsibility and the opportunity to draw a better future. We love to educate the design community about sustainability, but also to guide them in choosing the best labelling material for their projects. We have a broad portfolio of solutions and our packaging experts can help in finding the best solution that meets the aesthetic and functional needs. For instance, thanks to our recent research in neuromarketing, we learnt how tactile properties of packaging play an important role in the perception of the quality of the product, and how it can influence the buying the decision and the price to pay.

Why did you choose Uovo by Denomination as the UPM Raflatac winner?

We know how difficult is to make real innovation in packaging design in a mature segment like the wine segment. Uovo impressed us with the deep connection between the label and the storytelling of the product. It is not an ephemeral aesthetic exercise, but the result of deep research. Innovation, the unexpected, and an immaculate execution are good tips for award-winning packaging.