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Ahead of World Gin Day tomorrow, we celebrate some of the best in gin packaging over the last few years by looking at the story behind previous winning designs.

Take a look below to see some of the best winning entries and to learn more about the ideas behind the design.

Rawal Gin by Dorian - Gold Pentaward 2015

La Pesca Salada is a small cocktail bar located in the emblematic district of El Raval, Barcelona. Unique for its original decor inspired in the marine world, is well known as one of the pioneers gin-cocktail bars in the city.

Dorian were asked to create the image for their “Rawal Gin” line of products, which is craft-distilled in small batches of two hundred bottles at Barcelona’s only distillery. Key aspects of the brief were to work on a different image from those usually found in supermarkets, and which carry on the marine theme of the bar.

In addition to this, we also looked for ways to connect the image directly with the content of the bottle. As a result, the design not only gives image to the product it also makes it much more memorable, thanks to the visuals obtained as the bottle empties.

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Gracias a Dios Agave Gin by Abraham Lule - Silver Pentaward 2019

Gracias a Dios wanted to redesign their Gin label with two objectives; to create a new brand independent of their Mezcal products and to design two additional products that were being introduced into the market alongside the original Gin.

"This project represents everything that I love about Mexico; it’s bold colours, intricate detail, and handcrafted tradition. As a starting point, I had to look for solutions for what would replace the current mezcal logo. I wanted to discover a way to bring provenance and humility to the forefront, so I decided to draw a well in order to communicate the purest ingredient at the heart of the spirit; water. Surrounding the well is a botanical garden representing the exotic and fresh ingredients that are the source of the Gin’s unique flavour.

The structure was important in this design. Though each gin had its own style, a system was needed to help them work cohesively as a family. I kept the existing hierarchy from the original design in place but optimized each to bring forth it’s a unique personality reflected in the typography and imagery".

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Alkkemist by Series Nemo – Silver Pentaward  2014

The influence of the full moon gives ALKKEMIST exceptional qualities and tasteand is only distilled twelve times a year (during full moons).

An innovative gin formula based on sea fennel and an exclusive blend of 21 botanists selected by hand. ALKKEMIST's bottle contains a unique, enigmatic and mysterious gin. These exceptional product features stand out with a bottle of soft, harmonic and suggestive shapes, rounded as the stones of the Mediterranean coastline.

The monochromatic label reflects the luminosity and the natural essence of the product, whilst the list of botanists is partially hidden, embossed with pearl stamping. The unusual shape and size of the cap crowns and brings personality to the bottle, standing out amongst other spirits.

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VL92 Gin by Rare Fruits Council - Bronze Pentaward 2013

The product is an artisanal gin that that, by drawing upon its heritage, redefines what gin is. Gin is nowadays associated with England, but it was originally derived from Dutch genever. The distillers’ aim was to build a modern gin upon the historic genever tradition.

The gin is made in one of the few remaining original genever distilleries in The Netherlands, re-introducing old and forgotten botanicals and introducing new ingredients which combine to bring a startlingly fresh taste to the consumer. The designers’ task was to reflect the unique "spirit' of this gin - its history as well as the unruly ways of the distiller - in the package design.

The fact that the herring fleet palyed a significant role in the development of gin, and that dating back to the 16th century gin was used for its medicinal properties, the designers chose for an experimental, tactile approach, avoiding a cliché or old-fashioned appearance, using playful elements on this hand-bottled and hand-labelled product.

The materials and techniques used result in a low-tech yet crisp and distinctive design. The physical components provoke curiosity and invite the user to engage with the product: even the opening of the bottle becomes a small ritual in which the user determines the product's final visual identity.

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Stocks Taylor Benson - Silver Pentaward 2019

The brief was to create a celebratory piece of self-promotion for Stocks Taylor Benson, a graphic design agency, to commemorate their 30 years anniversary. The solution was a gift containing a Leicester and a London gin.

The gin is presented in a gift box and includes orange popping candy and orange bitters to create unique Stocks Taylor Benson cocktails. It also includes a booklet containing more about the ethos of STB and bespoke cocktail recipes. The two different types of gin give reference to the studio’s different locations, with both the labels using the same core design. Orange 021 highlights the different product titles within the copy of each of the respective bottles.

The copy on the label tells the story of Stocks Taylor Benson over the last 30 years, and the two bottles are displayed together in a gift box so the labels can be read together as one continuous story. This reinforces the sense of collaboration between the studios and further portrays how they operate as one organisation.

The innovative reverse of the label reveals the company values of originality and imagination. Half the word is printed on the reverse of the front label to be viewed through the clear liquid, with vinyl letters of the word gin on the back of the bottle revealing the full word as the bottles rotate.

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Lind & Lime by Contagious - Platinum Pentaward 2019

After completing The Port of Leith Distillery's brand identity (a recent new local enterprise) and then the branding for their inaugural product (a sherry) we were then commissioned to design the packaging for Leith Distillery’s second product release; a gin inspired by the distillery’s future home.

Throughout the entirety of the design process, inspiration was drawn from the historical stories of the people and industries of Leith and are represented by the unique intricacies of the bespoke bottle, label and the name, Lind & Lime.

While working as a surgeon in 1747 onboard HMS Salisbury, Edinburgh born Dr. James Lind proved the consumption of citrus fruits to be the most beneficial remedy against scurvy. This became a revelation for the health and welfare of Royal Navy seamen and was enhanced by Leith shipyard owner Lauchlin Rose – who had been importing limes from the West Indies – when he patented a process to preserve lime juice to keep it fresh on board for months.. Lind & Lime became a perfect maritime tribute.

Leith’s shores were once home to a plethora of industries which is where inspiration has been drawn for the design and detail applied to the bespoke bottle and packaging of Lind & Lime Gin. The cones from the Edinburgh and Leith Glass Works once could be seen rising above sea-level; our strong, elegant, long necked bottle pays homage with its unique shape and embossed depiction to this factory stamped firmly at its base. We specified half white glass with its translucent light green hue to epitomise the citrus tones of the gin.

The labels’ substrate is a subtle cord embossed paper, running in tandem with the circumference of the bottle; the simple bold linear typeface compliments the ridge and furrow lines running down the bottle that bounce light like braking waves. The finishing touch of the neck label over the stopper, stamped with pride our recently crafted Leith Distillery mark and an epitaph to Dr. Lind – where it all began, as a natural remedy that is now respected as a perfect storm in a gin & tonic.

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