Mario Cavallaro
Mario Cavallaro
Founder & Creative Director

Art director, expert in design, passionate about music, wine and ceramics.

Fascinated about the people’s know-how in every field, I create the concept, the image, the brand and the pack to essentially and universally communicate the excellence that each product represents. Driven by a constant creative tension as by a relentless curiosity, I aim my professional and personal life towards the creation of beauty through a process of comprehension, and synthesis, of both sophistication and pragmatism, tradition and innovation, local roots and cosmopolitan glance.

I founded and manage a studio which, for years, has been representing an established and internationally recognized excellence in branding design, a place that inspire, express, and nurture the talent and the ideas of both collaborators and clients who find in us comprehensive consultancy also about marketing, product strategy and creative direction of events.