Pentawards Conference, Madrid

at IFEMA Madrid
26 October 2022

Pentawards partnered again with Empack Madrid to bring together some of the most successful creative minds to explain, discuss, explore, and examine the key formulas and principles to succeed in today’s world.

The one-day conference featured leading design agencies including Taxi Studio, Bulldog Studio, Meteorito and more.

26 October 2022

The Future is Unforgettable

Research shows that people truly wouldn’t notice or care if 75% of all brands disappeared. So, for brands to thrive now and in the future, they must first define what they want to be remembered for and build upon it. In this talk, Taxi Studio discusses what brands need to do today to help ensure they become unforgettable tomorrow.

The benefits of design

Design thinking led by the product/service, aimed at obtaining the desired result for the client: profit, increased sales, notoriety, and more. That is our mission and we are going to show some examples.

Panel Discussion: Packaging as a tool for change

Hosted by Joss Ramel, Packaging Solutions Manager at UPM Raflatac. 

The panel discussion will delve into key questions and solutions to turn packaging into a tool for positive change. 

Müix, a storytelling packaging project

We will dive into our branding and packaging project Müix, to show how we created a solid brand including all the storytelling behind. For us, in this case, the products’ tastes themselves were vital to develop the identities behind each product. Luckily, the client was absolutely open to break with the usual trends in their sector.

Panel discussion: Redesigning packaging and wise use of plastic, when needed

Hosted by Raül Cobos, Marketing & Business Development Manager at Derprosa. 

 - Redesign: There are different options of plastic materials and combinations of them that can solve the same need or “problem”, but not all are equally sustainable. Designers and brands most of the times do not know much about it, and if they knew, they would be able to “redesign” their packaging products accordingly.

- Wise use of plastic: The point here is that “plastic” by itself is not the real problem. The problem is the way we use it, the types we use and what we do with it when we discard packaging after use. There is no alternative to plastic materials for many applications, so in the meantime we discover something better, learning how to have a wiser use of the current plastic materials available is key.

- When needed: in some occasions, a plastic material is not the best option, but in others it is (and for those there are some alternatives eco-friendlier than others).

About Empack

Empack is the leading annual event in packaging technologies. Returning to Madrid in October, this event is an opportunity to reconnect with innovation, to re-experiment, to interact and to do business face to face in a professional and dynamic environment.

A two-days event featuring inspiring industry leaders and presentations focused on current issues and perspectives on the future of the sector that are just around the corner!


The Pentawards Winners’ Exhibit is an exclusive display showcasing 2022 competition top winners. This is a unique opportunity to gain a global perspective of the best and most creative achievements in packaging design from 2022.