We're excited to have partnered with Unboxd, the packaging design podcast, for our first ever Pentawards podcast!

During this year's competition, we'll be bringing you exclusive content from our jury members and experts on packaging design with Packaging Design Unboxd host, Sustainable Structural Packaging Designer Evelio Mattos.

Once live, sessions will be added to the list below, so check back soon!


The Packaging Design Competition You Need to Enter

Adam Ryan and Evelio discuss the changing landscape of packaging competitions, why diversity matters in building a global design community, and packaging design trends.

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Codifying the Package Design Process

Asa explains how his 2 year old studio won the Best Newcomer award, how to design packaging infused with sensuality, time and a place, and delivering deeply moving designs.

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How To Design Start-up Packaging in 10 Days

Jamie Ellul from Supple Studio talks about the creation of the award-winning Frahm Jacket packaging “Tough Beautiful”, the story of his design agency and how stock packaging design can be surprisingly interesting.

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FMCG Packaging Design with NH1 Design

Nesa Tulsian from NH1 Design studio discusses the design process for FMCG in India, sharing her views on the cultural impact of society on design, the importance of pursuing your passions, and the power of networking.

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Simplifying Sustainable Packaging with Butterfly Cannon 

Jenny Cairns from Butterfly Cannon discusses the Climatic Table of sustainability and how brands can use this to guide their designs.

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Designing Emotion Into Your Packaging

Jennie Potts from B&B Studio explains how to inspire emotions through packaging design, the positive impact that design has on businesses and why all brands need a personality.

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Packaging Design en Español with Hernan Braberman

In this Spanish episode Hernán Braberman and Evelio Mattos talk about their experience in design for global brands, future developments in the packaging world and what they are looking for in the Pentawards entries they will judge this year.

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Evelio is an industry-recognized packaging design expert known for his ability to engineer strategic user experiences. His focus on user experience coupled with sustainable systems and packaging allows him to share this knowledge to elevate our industry.

He’s bridged the gap between design and flawless manufacturing for brands that include Sephora, Urban Decay, Michael Kors, Tiffany & Co., Sonos, and Google.