Pentawards 2020 Special Award winners

In addition to the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners, every year, Pentawards awards special prizes for people who have made remarkable achievements. The special prizes awarded this year include Agency of the Year, Designer of the Year, Best Newcomer, the People's Choice award and the NXT-GEN award. Scroll down to find out more about them.

For the second consecutive year, Backbone Branding has been named Agency of the Year award after winning 5 Pentawards in this year's competition. The awarded designs include: ФILOSOФ (Gold), ANI Dairy (Gold), Tomacho (Gold), and HERO'S (Gold).

Without a doubt, these great designs are thanks to great teamwork, however, a good team needs a good leader to drive the results. Selected by the jury, the Designer of the Year shows excellent leadership, creativity and passion for their work.

This year's winner, Xiong Bo Deng from Shenzhen Lingyun creative packaging, has led the team to win more than seven awards in the past three years, with his first Platinum award in 2018 and four additional awards in 2020: YangYangLa (Gold), HeGan (Gold), XiaoHuTuXian (Silver) and YuXinLong (Silver).

The Greek design studio Caparo design crew has won the Best Newcomer award after having all four of their entries shortlisted and subsequently winning three Pentawards in their first year's competition. The winning design works are AMSTEL KARGO IPA (Silver), Twenty Stories, Lidl (Silver), and RETSINA wine, Lidl (Bronze).

As well as the professional expert's opinion, we also listen to the voice from the public. As part of the 2020 competition, we gave our audience the chance to vote for a winning entry, the People's Choice Award. Ten designs were selected and put to the vote on our social channels, with Estudio Maba's Codice winning people's hearts. 

Every year, the Pentawards International Jury selects one of the best student works among all categories for the NXT-GEN Award, which this year went to Robert Dadashev.

Robert's work Akio is a Japanese-style bathing tool for kids that turns the bathing process into a fun and interactive game. Parents can play with children during bathtime to get their attention thanks to the fun and colourful design. The removable kimono will surprise a toddler, grab their attention and help make the bathing process more fun and enjoyable.

Congratulations to all of this year's Special Award winners. For the full list of 2020 winners, please click the button below.