Winner of the People's Choice announced

Attendees of the Pentawards Festival had their opportunity to vote on their winning pack for the People's Choice winner of the 2023 competition. The following packs were shortlisted.

The winner was announced on 10 November during this year's Gala Ceremony and can be found on the special winners page.


Entered into Brand identity & connected packaging > Self Promotion by Supperstudio

A honey-scented candle lights Pinocchio's path. This is the idea that inspires this concept and gives meaning to the packaging. The proposal proposes a fun game where Pinocchio's nose grows as you open the box. For the printing of the case, a multilevel emboss has been used, which enhances and gives volume to the illustration and gives a 3D effect.


Entered into Body, health & beauty > Health care by underline

SOAPUME combines 'soap' and 'perfume', introducing a paper sleeve to replace plastic cases, crafted from sturdy, eco-friendly 100% recycled paper. Its three scents—Relax, Refresh, Concentrate—suit various moods. The colourful paper sleeves aid scent differentiation.

Buddyrich Coffee

Entered into Beverages > A.04 Tea and coffee (ready to drink) by Linshaobin Design Shenzhen

Buddyrich Coffee, a compact shop under 30 sq. meters, targets adventurous young consumers. The design blends Chinese and English fonts, brand imagery, coffee shop details, and city landmarks. Displaced mixing typesetting embodies the diverse brand personality, catering to those keen on novel flavours.

NGG Off-White 'Paperwork'

Entered into Body, health & beauty > Beauty by James Cropper Luxury Packaging

Off-White™'s 'Paperwork' range impresses with innovative packaging. Fragrance, nail polish, and makeup come in an eco-pack, evoking touch, sight, and smell sensations. Boxes secure contents and hold surprise toy. Playful Masters of the Universe emblem signifies inner child. Functional, sustainable, and aesthetic, the range features face silhouette lid, layers with locating pins, and recyclable cellulose material. 100% green energy, FSC® certification, and repurposing capability highlight eco-consciousness.


Entered into Beverages > Tea and coffee (dry and capsules) by OlssønBarbieri

Stereoscope aims to impact farmers and community, reflecting their ethos through packaging. Typeface choice, representing five elements theory and coffee's uniqueness, avoids cultural imposition. Bags with 99.6% plant-based material feature speaking seeds. Custom box resembles coffee's high-altitude origin. Flat delivery with brand-specific tear-off opening and glue-free card system.

EazzyPizzy Pizza

Entered into Food > Ready-to-eat dishes and fast food by W Design Bureau

EazzyPizzy, part of Russia's Shokoladnitsa coffee shops, offers diverse food delivery: 30+ pizzas, gelatos, soups, salads, pasta, snacks, and drinks (including own-made lemonades, lattes, etc.). Unique taste blends cater to adventurous eaters. Brand identity uses visual contrast with pizza and gelato motifs.


Entered into Sustainable Design > Branding & consumer by Omdesign

Since 1998, Omdesign's luxury is simplicity with detail. Advocating nature preservation and readiness for the future, 2023 marks ongoing transformative commitment. Inspired by diligent solitary bees, we've launched 150 Bee Om Hotels, fostering a united, sustainable mindset. OMel honey-inspired packs create bee sanctuaries for biodiversity. Harmony and integration define coexisting for a better future.

As one with the olive

Entered into Food > Private label - Food by Design Bridge and Partners

Padre, Italian for father, olive oil from Italy, honours a father-daughter bond. Beyond legacy, it redefines farmers' perception. Reflecting transformation from hands to fruit, the design embodies love. Emanuela created Padre to tribute the family. Addressing farmer stereotypes, the brand showcases hands craft and land connection. The identity evolves from rugged hand to olive branch, with a torn label denoting hand-crafted distinction.

LEICA red envelope gift box

Entered into Brand identity & connected packaging > Self promotion by Shanghai Good Cultural Creative Co., Ltd.

LEICA's 2023 New Year red envelope gift box is made from transparent red acrylic. It doubles as a mobile phone filter. The magnetic opening showcases a bronzed LEICA SL2 series camera. The box features fine workmanship, shoulder straps for travel, and 6 matching red envelopes with LEICA logos, evoking New Year spirit. A creative photographer's gift.

Giving Enlightening Sensory Development Series

Entered into Home, leisure & other markets > Child and baby products by Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd

Designed for babies aged 24-48 months, this packaging resembles budding saplings, signifying growth wishes. The bottle's playful bud shape engages sight, touch, and smell senses, aiding sensory development. Interactive elements encourage bath time, boost hand skills, and parent-baby interaction. Thermochromic ink adds visual intrigue via temperature-responsive color changes. This design-rich packaging enhances babies' bath experience, fostering a pleasant parent-child interaction.