Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Tequila!

Back Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Tequila!

In honour of the Mexican-American holiday we’ve created a roundup of some of the latest Tequila bottle designs.

México is a country of rich culture, known worldwide for its cuisine, distinctive flavours, colourful décor, and artistry but also for its tequila. Here are a few recent Tequila bottle designs that have caught our eye.

Tequila Soledad by Hi! Estudio

First up we have Tequila Soledad designed by Mexican design agency Hi! Estudio. With much research and experience in materials and craft-processes, the Tequila Soledad design pays tribute to ancestral Mexican techniques. The rich black mat exterior reflects the black clay from san Bartolo Coyotepec Oaxaca customarily used by local craftsmen, and the shape echoes a traditional Mexican design.

The complete visual identity is intended to radiate Mexican culture as well as honour the land itself. A bottle that seems to be derived from the very hills it came from.

Find out more on Hi! Estudio here.

Rudo and Tecnico redesign by Anton Burmistrov  

The Tecnicos and Rudos brand is directly inspired by the much-loved Mexican style of professional wrestling ‘Lucha Libre’. All Lucha matches are based on the eternal battle between good and evil represented by two groups: The Tecnicos who are noble fighters and heroes and the The Rudos made up of villains and rule breakers. These two names are used to separate the Tequila into different flavour groups.

Bringing this element to the forefront Anton Burmistov centred his design around what makes this iconic sport so unique, one acutely distinguishable aspect being the Lucha masks. “The Lucha mask is the main visual anchor, surrounded by the elements that underscore the fascinating cultural tradition”. Therefore, the mask takes centre stage, adorning the labels with stylised typography and flourishes and printed on robust premium stock with a gold ink finish to highlighting the artisanal roots and premium quality of the tequila. The colour of each label is based on the tequila's maturity and are bottled into semi-artisanal, recycled Mexican glass. Furthermore laser-cut wooden tops bear the masks intricate designs. This is also an original feature, unique to the brand.

Find out more on Anton Burmistov here.

Anagram Special Edition Don Julio Bottles

Anagram Studio’s iconic and distinctive special addition tequila bottles pay tribute to Don Julio's hand-built brand, as well as honouring the effort and resilience of the community and celebrating the reopening of restaurants and bars in Mexico.

Complete with a mark of Don Julio tipping his iconic hat, hand-painted names of mexican business owners adorn the bottles, adding Don and Doña as a symbol of utmost respect and finished with a medal added to the bottle’s ribbon as a token for business owners to display proudly.

Find out more on Anagram Studio here.

El Reyo Tequila – Toro Pinto

Another top pick and one of our 2020 Silver winners in the Beverages category is El Rayo Tequila by Toro Pinto.

With an aim to change European perceptions of tequila from a drink purely used for inebriation to one that embodies culture and exuberant flavours, Toro Pinto developed an identity under a Mexican folk lore tone. Taking the explorer archetype and turning it into the label’s protagonist, the base narrative is a fictional story about an ancient legend depicting the origin of tequila.

Landscapes filled with Mexican fields walked by farmers became the centrepiece of the brand ́s artwork and both branding and packaging are filled with hints of pop art and a modern contemporary aesthetic with a soft, muted colour scheme.

Find out more on Toro Pinto here.

Honourable mention

Although not tequila, a final design we wanted to mention is Maestra Vida’s Mexican mescal bottle designed by Nano Alfonsín. Intricate illustrations accompanied by stylised fonts adorn the labels with gold ink finishes and colour coding. The brand name delicately etched into the bottle’s wooden cap.

“This handmade mezcal is an offering from life to death, and from death to life, they honour each other and both coexist with us alongside our path in the world of the earthly. Life and death, light and shadow, day and night, one cannot exist without the other.”

Find out more on Nano Alfonsín here.

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