Zmmr’s full-bodied rebrand that’s out of this world

Back Zmmr’s full-bodied rebrand that’s out of this world

Kentucky-based design agency delivers a psychedelic, sci-fi centric rebrand for Dark Matter Coffee’s core brands.

Dark Matter Coffee adheres to a philosophy where quality coffees are sourced based on traceability, innovation, and social responsibility, championing transparency and fair business methods. Ever the visionary company they push boundaries in both their practice and visual identity. Dark Matter’s long-established core brands– Unicorn Blood, A Love Supreme, Starry Eyes, and Machete, although firm favourites among avid Dark Matter fans, were due a long-awaited revamp.

Design company Zmmr were given the brief of captivating new customers with “unstoppably beguiling visuals” but also to retain their existing, loyal customers who had come to know the original packaging, all while disrupting the category with visuals that push conventional boundaries.

The result: A full bodied explosion of vivid psychedelic illustrations, bold type and an unapologetic colour pallet. By delving deep into the backgrounds and production for each blend, Zmmr developed rich individual stories that were then given complex, layered visual references and out-there symbolism through collaboration with artist Raul Urias to create the intricate illustrations.

“Every design element on the package ties back into the overarching portfolio story, that of a New Worlds Fair– a fantastical vision of the future of coffee and possibly, dare we say, the planet.”

To find out more about Zmmr’s design visit their website or follow them on Instagram .

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