Andy Liu 刘文
Andy Liu 刘文
Founder & Chief Creative Officer 创始人与首席创意官
Oracle Creative Design 甲古文创意设计

Andy is one of China’s most respected FMCG product designers, focusing on product design for more than 20 years. He advocates and practices the "minimalist and extraordinary" design concept, and constantly explores and leads the commercial aesthetic trend of the new consumption era.

His works cover packaging, branding, space design and business model innovation for tea, beverages, and FMCG goods. He created a number of Chinese liquor that worth hundreds of billions of yuan with his unique commercial innovative thinking design.

Andy is also a guest professor and school manager of many art and design colleges, fully promoted school-enterprise cooperation and integration of industry and education, won more than 200 design awards, and actively built a global creative ecosystem with dozens of international top design studios. The alliance promotes design exchanges and learning at home and abroad and builds the most cutting-edge and most powerful creative design platform in China's FMCG field.