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Paris, France
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
CA, United States
Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Sustainability
Yerevan, Armenia, Armenia
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
California, United States
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Food
Valencia, Spain
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Food
Greater London, United Kingdom
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Food Specialism: Sustainability
Jaén, Spain
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Food
Victoria , Australia
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food
Attica, Greece
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Sustainability
Aichi, Japan
Cumbria, United Kingdom
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Concept Specialism: Manufacturer/Supplier Specialism: Materials Specialism: Sustainability
London, United Kingdom
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Sustainability
Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
Jaen, Spain
Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Manufacturer/Supplier
/, Croatia
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Manufacturer/Supplier Specialism: Materials Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Sustainability
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Food
Vevey, Switzerland
New York, United States
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Other Markets
Murcia, Spain
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
British Columbia, Canada
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Manufacturer/Supplier Specialism: Materials Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Sustainability
Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
United Kingdom
Specialism: Manufacturer/Supplier Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Sustainability
United Kingdom
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Concept
The Netherlands, Netherlands
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Food Specialism: Manufacturer/Supplier
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Food
Breganze (VI), Italy
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Concept Specialism: Manufacturer/Supplier Specialism: Materials Specialism: Sustainability
Madrid, Spain, Spain
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
Shizuoka, Japan
ShenZhen/Guangdong, China
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
Athens, Greece
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Sustainability
Lombardia, Italy
Specialism: Manufacturer/Supplier Specialism: Materials
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
London, United Kingdom
Specialism: Concept Specialism: Materials Specialism: Sustainability
Guangzhou, China
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
VIC, Australia
Specialism: Beverages
Middlesex, United Kingdom
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
Hamburg, Germany
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Sustainability
Aveiro, Portugal
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food
Italy, Italy
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
Bangkok, Thailand
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Sustainability
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
United Kingdom
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Manufacturer/Supplier
Moscow Region, Russian Federation
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
New York, NY, United States
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
New York, United States
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food
Kent, United Kingdom
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food
France, France
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
Noord Holland, Netherlands
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Sustainability
CHINA, China
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food
Guangdong, China
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Manufacturer/Supplier Specialism: Other Markets
London, United Kingdom
Specialism: Concept
London , United Kingdom
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Concept Specialism: Materials Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Sustainability
Madrid, Spain
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
Somerset, United Kingdom
Specialism: Body Specialism: Food Specialism: Sustainability
Dublin, Ireland
Specialism: Beverages
Los Angeles, California, United States
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Food
London, United Kingdom
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food
Barcelona (Spain), Spain
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
Specialism: Manufacturer/Supplier Specialism: Materials Specialism: Sustainability
New York, United States
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Food Specialism: Other Markets
Sverdlovskaya oblast, Russian Federation
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Food Specialism: Manufacturer/Supplier
United Kingdom
Specialism: Sustainability
Specialism: Other Markets
California, United States
Specialism: Beverages Specialism: Body Specialism: Concept Specialism: Manufacturer/Supplier Specialism: Materials Specialism: Other Markets Specialism: Sustainability


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Beverages Body Concept Food Manufacturer/Supplier Materials Other Markets Sustainability
Beverages Body Food Luxury Other Markets
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Coolhaus is the home of the ice cream of your dreams! Inventive, fun and playful flavors and texture combinations delivered with the most welcoming and friendly personality that celebrates individuality. We worked with Mike Perry to bring these magical scenes and flavor stories to life. A party in every pint! We worked with artist Mike Perry to create these "flavor worlds" and adapted this more is more attitude to represent the Coolhaus personality. We created a logotype that was connected, but stood out from the other communications and created a distinct hierarchy of information so the shopper could easily find their favorite flavor, all the while identifying with the personality articulated through the illustrations.
CUT RUM is a premium rum range, aimed at young urban consumers and made from real ingredients with no artificial flavourings. Focusing on the uncomplicated natural ingredients and flavour profiles of the liquids themselves, we created the brand from the ground up to disrupt the expected category norm of pirates and sea-faring, Caribbean stories. With a youthful, edgy attitude and visual aesthetic that instantly communicates its unique and urban nature, CUT RUM has been an immediate success in both the on and off-trade.
F&B commissioned us to design the identity for a rare new colour range created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum. The colours had been inspired by Werner’s Nomenclature of Colour, a reference book used by Charles Darwin, the original sitting in the vaults of NHM. Framing the iconic F&B logo, our design (set across multiple SKU’s) has a unifying hero colour and an explosive “natural” illustration that references the flora & fauna described in Werner’s book and that directly links to the paint colours in the range. There is nothing more colourful than nature.
We were asked by Johnnie Walker to find a culturally relevant partner to co-create a vibrant limited-edition Blue Label release based on the blend’s extreme rarity. We selected and commissioned textiles manufacturer Timorous Beasties as they shared the same craft, creativity, beauty and Scottishness as Blue Label. Working together we guided and adapted their illustrations featuring Scotland’s ‘rarest’ beasts to come alive on the packaging and through the brand’s activation. Producing something that was as naturally beautiful as the liquid inside.
This great little British chocolate company needed their adventurous & joyful brand story to be better told through their packaging. Our vibrant Montezuma’s big M identity playfully invites you to discover a wonderful world of exotic flavours whilst integrating a bit of eccentric British humour, through quirky icons & playful ‘innuendo' naming. We then reinforced Montezuma’s premium craft sustainable ethos by using our ‘Conscious Design’ process to specify eco-friendly packaging across their entire range, making them the first British brand in the premium segment to do so.
Our brand redesign for REAL balanced the brand’s raw, radical and disruptive nature with the refinement of its carefully crafted products and the sophisticated world of the 60+ Michelin star restaurants in which it is now stocked. Working in harmony with the newly introduced full-size Champagne bottle and in a more leading role with the smaller single-serve format. Our bottle labels became our canvas, with each variant’s name and character articulated by a single brush stroke icon, such as the crown for Royal Flush – made from first flush Darjeeling tea, often referred to as the ‘Champagne of Teas’. These are emblazoned over clashing textural colours inspired by the flavour profile of the liquids, representing the bold, expressive and pioneering attitude of the brand that goes into making the sparkling fermented teas themselves. REAL is a brand with something to say, so intertwined into each design in a bespoke hand scratched typeface, are updateable and challenging topical messages that reflect the brand’s activist mentality and help promote positive change.
To create the brand for Israel’s first Brewstillery, literally from the ground up, we built their story, name, product names and visual & verbal identity before executing it across packaging, merch, posm, digital and ultimately their destination home. We balanced their Israeli provenance, the founders’ playfulness and the global aesthetic of craft drinks to create Shevet’s first release of ‘colourful & characterful’ beers. “HOP ON” now, with recent interest from US distributors, this brand is going places.
You might've thought that the perfect soda didn't exist, but that's simply because you haven't yet heard of Perfy. With real fruit, low in sugar, and adaptogens in every can, this is a soda you don't have to feel guilty drinking. With packaging designed by candybrophycreative, this soda can flawlessly combine the old-school vibe with a more modern approach—a juicy take on a soda.
Pixels Australia is a retro inspired arcade centre in Noosa Australia fully Branded and fitted out by candybrophycreative. From sofa design tho counter design the whole brand speaks to the retro meting the modern in a carnival style beach arcade.
By just looking at the label, you would never use the word ‘hard’ to describe SAMA’s seltser, given the soft, rounded edges of the lettering. But that was Candy Brophy’s goal when conceptualizing this branding project. With a face like that—featuring a neon color palette and generally prolonged design—it’s no wonder SAMA Hard Seltzer is getting so much love. The creatively elongated letter A, meant to be pronounced twice, stands out and gives the design a quirky edge.
It is said that India Pale Ale (IPA) beer was born in 1800 in the holds of the ships traveling towards the British colonies of distant India. As the journeys lasted several months, the merchants of the time added generous amounts of hops to the barrels, in order to ensure that the beer would remain fresh. Our friends in the Athenian Brewery decided to embark upon the journey of making a great IPA beer for the Greek beer community, so they asked us to get onboard and brand their latest love project. Creative direction — The unique aromas & the mysterious hazy appearance due to its unfiltered nature demanded an image that would convey its authenticity and bold character in every single touch point of the brand with its audience. After taking a closer look at the culture, history, and myths around the IPA category, we decided that the key elements that we should focus on are Craftsmanship, Journey, Adventure and Hops (the distinctive ingredient).
Retsina is one of the oldest kinds of wine globally, with more than 2000 years of history. Easy to make and to preserve, it was folk’s favorite in ancient Greece and continues to be one of the most popular wines in the country, especially during traditional carnivals and fairs (In Greek: πανηγύρια). But although it’s quite affordable, it seems to lose connection with the younger audience, being viewed as old fashioned and outdated. LIDL, the global discount supermarket chain, decided to re-introduce Retsina to the younger consumers, 20-35, and asked us to give them a hand. Concept The theme of the illustrations is an almost euphoric union between people at traditional festivals (that every Greek can relate to, no matter their age), as well as the strong connection between people and nature in the making of wine. Style Although the imagery of this kind usually falls under folklore, we wanted to give it a form that stretches from antiquity to the present. So we got our inspiration from great festivals of the ancient Greeks that worshiped Dionysus, the god of wine, as well as contemporary painters that transmitted the Greek allegro spirit across the world. Colors The color palette was defined by three major components of the wine itself: the heartwarming yellow of the bright sun, the earthy gray-brown of the vine bark, and the deep blue of the Greek sky. Gold - a color common to more luxurious wine varieties was used for the cap as well as the shadows that highlighted a name of humble origins, to imply the high quality of the wine itself.
CERU is a brand of London based restaurants serving contemporary Levantine cuisine at its freshest and finest. The task was to design a CERU restaurant packaging solution for delivery of fresh or half-prepared restaurant food – cook at home meal kits. The design must be within the existing identity of the CERU restaurant and following brand guidelines. The solution is a meal kit that brings together two things CERU is passionate about – delicious, healthy food and sustainable innovation. As the number of people ordering their food online rises, so do the concerns about sustainability and the impact of food delivery on the environment. Choosing the right meal kit may mean less packaging and less food waste, fewer trips to the grocery store, and a smaller carbon footprint. We use a reusable packaging strategy to tell a story about CERU’s commitment to work more sustainably. The “Cook at Home” range has been designed with the environment in mind, using local suppliers, British produce, and biodegradable and reusable packaging. Each kit comes with perfectly proportioned ingredients, spices, and sauces, helping reduce food waste – and in sustainable packaging. All this aims to make a positive user experience while caring for the planet. The cloths are reusable: it can double as a fashion accessory, a scarf, a tablecloth, or gift wrapping… The project’s promotion part includes project naming and the “Feelgood food” logo, texts and press materials, promo video to present the story online, photography of the packaging and reusable cloth options, and promo materials for social networks.
Quatre Mains, Belgium
Silver, Sweden
Bravis, Japan
RBA Design, Italy
Dragon Rouge, Poland
Dragon Rouge, Poland
Quatre Mains, Belgium
jjsscc, Switzerland
Established created Athé, a new naturally-focused, organic and vegan beauty brand of cosmetics and skincare for South Korean fashion giant LF Corp, including logo, graphics, packaging and branding. The brief was to create a brand of packaging which, like clothing, engendered an intimate relationship between the customer and the product. The curvaceous structures are designed to be organic and feminine, purposefully indenting where the product is held to create a sensual connection between user and product. The connection to clothing continues with the ribbon detail used to open the lipstick and the embossed line of thread on the secondary packaging.
Established is delighted to share our new range of cosmetics for Rihanna: Fenty Beauty. We developed the entire packaging range, the identity, and graphic design language.
Marc Jacobs and Sephora asked Established to create a line of shiny, beautiful products that every woman would want to hold in her hand and not put down. Something that was "just lovely." The result is a line of beautiful, fluid shapes in a high shine inky black lacquer finish. The sensual, complex curves of the products and unexpected proportions result in a collection that is both simple and thoroughly modern. Every detail was meticulously considered from the ultra thin frame-around mirrors to the layout of the makeup or an oversized button.
Established created a new brand of cosmetics for Korea's largest retailer, Emart (part of Shinsegae Group). The idea behind the line is to allow the customer to buy a tailor-made set of cosmetics in a playful, fun and joyful way. In designing this new line, Established has developed the first fully customizable makeup range with individual components magnetizing together to create custom collections. Individual eyeshadow bricks magnet onto a choice of base sizes allowing the consumer to create their choice of palette. Lipsticks and face products also magnet together in different combinations for endless possibilities, collectibility, and fun. We designed ever aspect of the brand including packaging, graphics, identity, campaign photography and video assets as well as in-store look and feel.
In 2009 Established created the original Svedka packaging. In 2013 Established redesigned Svedka's entire product range. Using a ground breaking approach, we used super saturated colors throughout the range by creating an innovative shrink wrap technique. The strong color perfectly reflects the bold attitude of the Svedka brand, while ensuring that the bottles pop off the shelf. The shrink wrap innovation also allowed Svedka to launch special edition flavors throughout the year or to react to changing market trends quickly and at low cost. In our long-standing relationship with this ground-breaking vodka brand, Established has created a multitude of limited edition bottles and the annual Stars and Stripes edition.
Established created a new brand of Korean cosmetics called Vyvyd Studio. The name reflects the line's emphasis on bold color which is enhanced by the intricate lenticular design of the packaging that creates a pop! In designing the packaging, graphics and identity, as well as doing all the art direction, naming, launch campaign and videos, we truly created this brand from the ground up.
Design a Bag in Box range of wines for export called Bravo Carmen. The brand is intended to evoke folkloric ideas of tablaos and flamenco. A powerful, Latino woman's who is mistress of her art.
The Codex wine design is a new take on a classic piece that captures the meaning of a name heavy with meaning. Codex were manuscripts of books before the invention of the printing press, when capital letters were tremendously important and were works of art in themselves. Large capital letters in relief grace the surface of a delicate, sensual label, almost sculpted on paper.
Rebranding of the La Labia range of sausages, to improve its positioning towards a more gourmet audience and horeca channel. Through a defined palette, a personal use of typography and the graphic resource associated with a pig’s tail, we propose the entire graphic universe of this brand.
Maltium's design takes an approach to graphics and concepts from ancient writings, through a current treatment to give rise to a superb personality.
Gin has the peculiarity of being the perfect tipple in two vastly different settings. During the day, after the lunch, in a relaxed, casual atmosphere, and at night when things get festive, active, and boisterous. A gin that works at such different moments is the key to developing this new gin brand made to a London recipe. A brand that breaks
Maquinon was already provided with an identity. A small Smoking Robot built in the 60s, which at the time seemed powerful and robust, with a disturbing touch of smoke that exhaled through its mouth. The tasting notes of the wine spoke about a clean and bright red. Our intention was to design a packaging full of light, colour and rythm. The idea was to refresh a wine from the Priorato denomination of origin, so full of peculiar personality. The back label is related to the front label, extending the narrative and turning the challenge of incorporating legal texts into a playful exercise. The box is an opportunity to act as an exhibitor in those stores that need it, generating a large stain on the transport pallet itself.
One more year, Albariño La Marimorena covers its label for the new edition. The challenge of the briefing for the design of this vintage was to sophisticate and raise the tone of communication without losing its personality. The illustration of the fish involves taking a look back at the classic illustrations of the old nature and botany cards, adding a good dose of emotionality to this visual code.
Destilerías Bernal set us the task of creating a rum that would revitalise its existing Constitución brand and reach out to a younger customer base with a more casual “summer nights” style. We could not, however, ignore the company’s 80-year history or its founder, a figure of eminence and the inspiration for the original brand.
Design for a line of nougat inspired by perfumes and the most famous desserts by Jordi Roca. A color range to reflect the nuances of flavors and a gradient that emulates textures and aromas as they dissolve on the palate. Labeled as a perfume, the collection is declined in a family of six different ones, composing a harmony of their own on the shelf.
A collection of delicately inspired herbal tea set within a line of 17 references, each with its own particular story. Tea, in all its variety, colours and infusions, is consumed all over the world. Each packaging transmits the essence of the variety it holds within, always with a relaxed, dreamlike aura that makes each box a unique piece within the collection. El Club del Gourmet
A family of natural wine which reflects the personality of the winery, a small family business rooted in its land and managed by Juan whose silhouette forms the identity of the brand. A personal project, in which Juan Pascual as viticulturist, oenologist and winemaker brings this natural wine to life from his perspective. The project has provided to the company a way of expressing itself with simplicity and natural beauty.
Royal Wedding is a premium wedding agency from St. Petersburg, which has not only more than 10 years of experience, but also many prestigious awards: Royal Wedding has not once become the best wedding agency of the year, and the weddings organized by the agency were in the lists of the best, including the list of the most brilliant weddings of the year. Royal Wedding's style is grand, but not pretentious. It is high society, but not ostentatious. Luxurious, but without glamour. Stylish, but without false affectation. It is elegant, meaningful, with an appeal that does not depend on changing design trends. Like fine wine, like natural chocolate, like impeccable perfumes, this style carries a variety of notes and sensations. Using signature colors, it can be intense and solemn or, on the contrary, restrained and elegant. Most importantly, this design is capable of making an impression from the very first glance. The brand block consists of three self-sufficient elements: the crown sign, the lettering of Royal Wedding and the slogan. The shape of the crown is made to look close to the letter W. The crown is used as a symbol representing unity and reliability. The main part is drawn in a single closed line, which according to the designer's idea is a reference to the concept of infinity. The crown also resembles a necklace (pendant) or a knot. So that the large lettering part would not look overloaded, the designer creating the Royal Wedding inscription rejected typefaces with serifs and small strokes, on the contrary, the edges of the letters are rounded. This gives the letters a stylistic resemblance to the sign of the crown. Thanks to the specially chosen proportions, the lettering looks uniform and elegant at the same time. The devised slogan "At first sight" is a part of the unspoken phrase "Love at first sight". It is used in two senses: first, it refers to the strong, sincere feelings of the couple, and then, in the second sense, it focuses on the agency - the slogan conveys confidence in the right choice of the company responsible for such an important event in a person's life. The slogan anchors the character of the promoted brand firmly in the mind.
ORANGE BLACK represents a line of nutritional supplements essential for modern humans. Nutrition of modern man is such that the body constantly receives less omega-3 acids and other necessary substances than he is due. This is often the cause of atherosclerosis, vascular and cardiac diseases, as well as disorders of cerebral circulation. The corporate identity of ORANGE BLACK is focused on male consumers attending the gym and playing various sports. When developing the concept of the brand, Goryanin Brothers immediately abandoned the trivial, almost cliché, design attributes for the category - images of bodybuilders or inscriptions in metallic ink. The brand designer used other techniques. The ORANGE BLACK logo was made in capital letters - this made it stronger. The chosen colors have highlighted the goods among the competition, and thanks to the use of large symbols in the design, the packaging looks brutal, resembling a product from the world of Nascar racing. This appearance attracts potential consumers. For two products - omega-3 and Q10 coenzyme, the designer created different color layouts. This makes it easy to distinguish the packages, but at the same time when selling a set of two products, the combination will look harmonious. For easier access to information, icons were used in the design.
Creation of the public image for the coffee house Pastéis and coffee began with a search for national Portuguese motifs. So, as the main theme for the design, we chose Portuguese painted azulejo tiles. Based on these tiles, a complex corporate pattern was created that determined the mood of the Pastéis and coffee corporate design. The pattern has become a fundamental element of identity. The logo developed later matched the overall aesthetics of the design and the mood of the cuisine. Development of packaging was an important part of the work, since packaging is what every visitor of the coffee shop sees. Besides, packaging is perceived as part of the product. Thanks to the original brand pattern, the packaging design differs from the common 'coffee house' design. The interior of the cafe was also developed with the use of azulejo tiles. However, it was decided not to standardize all interiors of the chain, but to try to individualize each joint, while organically fitting it into the environment and context.
Any brand is primarily a name. You might not have expected to hear this opinion from the experts in design, but it is true - in theory the organization may not have a logo, but the name will always be there. Brand names may be different, for example, acronyms (IBM, BMW), component (Microsoft, Gazprom), descriptive (Martha Stewart Flowers) and even fictional (Kodak, Yahoo!). As for the names of public institutions, medical, for instance, here the situation will be different from that with commercial structures. Previously, the 'Toksovo District Hospital' were GB customers - the name informs of the location (Toksovo is the name of the village in the Leningrad region), the 'Leningrad Regional Hospital' - the name tells us about the administrative organization, and after all that we started working on the corporate identity for 'Maternity Hospital # 10'. Even at the planning stage, it became clear that # 10 is the sole identifier of the institution, because the name 'maternity hospital', informs only about the profile of the institution. In the process of work on the visual concept the brand designer of Goryanin Brothers picked number 10 out of the name of the organization, turning it into an interesting metaphor. Firstly, the designer drew the number 10 using the simplest of all possible scripts, and then began working on the stylized 0. As a result of the search for the desired shape the symbol emerged, gently hinting at the pregnancy. Because of the common abbreviated name for the facility, we were able to use letters meaning 'maternity hospital' under the symbol. Interestingly, the inscription can be viewed both as a logo (i.e. the name of the organization) and a strapline (i.e. the caption disclosing the sphere where the brand functions). At the same time, the inscription is functional - it highlights the scope of the brand activities, making the trade mark unique. Selection of a color scheme and the further development of the organization’s identity were focused on building a warm and restful image, reminding of a cozy European hotel rather than, for example, the dentist's office painted in cool tones.
Introducing a design by Intertype Studio for 'Natty Boh' orange twist vodka. The brand is the local price of Baltimore, Maryland, and is currently known for its much loved brewery. The work moves the brand into a distilling space, and is inspired by the spirit of mid-century optimism; a time of positive ideals and astonishingly simple brand messaging. The bottle takes cues from the famous sign that sits atop the brewery itself, whilst the graphics are inspired by the labelling and wax seals found on fruit labels of the 1950's. the branding invites you to 'live pleasantly' and enjoy a simpler kind of lifestyle, taking you back to a laid-back time when everything seemed less complex. The liquid is inspired by a famous local Baltimore favourite: the "Orange Crush" cocktail. The bottle closure is dipped in orange wax and features a gold pendant detail, which was inspired by an original gold cufflink collectable, which was made for the brand in the mid-century and can still be found for sale on auction websites today. The cufflink is suitable attire for "Natty Boh" himself, the nickname of the charming character who is the mascot for the brand and has long been an icon of the city of Baltimore. The dictionary definition of "Natty": Stylish and Tidy in very detail. It therefore follows that the design should live up to this! The bottle label features gold foil details, debossing and blind embossing, and an illustration of the oranges in a bold and simplistic 1950's style. The bottle comes in a tissue paper wrap which features a repeat pattern of the brand iconography and messaging and is reminiscent of a green grocer’s orange wrap, giving the impression that you're unwrapping a fruit when you first unveil the bottle. The almost spherical bottle shoulders exaggerate this effect, and this circle device is repeated throughout the design in an echo of the unusual proportions of the brand icon himself. These effortless and yet beautifully crafted details elevate the brand to a premium craft space. The liquid credentials are also enhanced with batch numbering and the signature of the distiller on the side of the label. As Natty Boh himself exclaims... "Oh boy, what a vodka!"
A visiting dignitary brought the gift of London dry gin to the Forbidden City, and in return the empress gave him a rare bird, held within a beautifully crafted cage. The exchange of gifts is a traditional part of Chinese culture, to show solidarity when attending a formal meeting, where tea was served. The Forbidden city had its name-sake because outsiders were refused entry, until Empress Cixi began to relax these rules. The concept embraces tradition: easily understood by the Chinese Baijiu drinker, whilst also being forward facing, to establish a new completely category in China. The liquid combine Classic London dry Gin botanicals with a hint of infused premium Chinese tea and locally grown citrus fruits. The range includes a juniper Variant, as well a mandarin liquid and a gin with a hint of Yuzu. The premium spirit is idea for making a Gin Martini with depth and complexity, or a refreshing G&T. The project includes brand strategy, naming, flavour innovation/range architecture, bespoke 3D bottle design, and brand identity, with all illustration and typography being done in house at Intertype Studio. The bottle is available to buy in T House Time, a chain of premium Tea Houses, as well as being sold online. The Gin will eventually be available world wide. The bottle structure is inspired by & functions like a bird cage, whilst the glass stopper is influenced by the traditional head-wear worn by Empress Cixi. The illustration style & technique is inspired by a Quing dynasty vase and creates the illusion of the bird held within the cage. The bottle is hangs within the box to complete the concept. The paper label reflects the layout of the forbidden city in plan view, with the empress positioned to the rear centre of the courtyard, where she would typically host visitors.
Last Spring we came up with the concept to create a limited-edition deck of playing cards as a tribute to the Kings and Queens of the NHS and other key workers who put themselves on the front line while the rest of us spent more time at home. The cards act as a long-lasting reminder of their dedication and bravery during the COVID 19 crisis, with all proceeds going to charity; 75% to NHS Charities Together, supporting the health and emotional well-being of those on the frontline of the NHS; 25% to Mind, which provides advice and support to anyone experiencing mental health problems, including key workers. 18 incredible artists and illustrators created their own interpretations of the heroes of the covid crisis, turning them into unique ‘royal cards’ cards for the deck, which was printed onto Casino quality stock by our highly skilled friends at LNS Print, London. The first limited edtion of 200 decks was launched on Instagram in July 2020 and quickly sold out, raising over £5,000 in the first 4 days. They are now being adapted by ‘Flick solitare’, a card game phone/ipad app, raising more money, and we’re in the process of creating a second release on a larger scale with playing card company ‘Riffle Shuffle’, so the fund total is increasing all the time. The artists involved have also been selling the original work to make additonal donations. The artists include: Archie Proudfoot, Iain Macarthur, Rob Draper, Steve Simpson, Rachel Joy Price, Dima Krab, Steve Wilson, Charlie Davis, Alex Machin, Jonas Devacht, Maria Barnaby-Norris, Jordan Robertson, Nicolae Negura, Cali O, Si Scott, Ana Marques, Kaloian Toshev, Valentina Brostean and Caroline Slade (copywriting). The cards were shared with the hastag #nhsthankyoucards on Instagram, creating hundreds of thousands of impressions and contined demand for the cards.
In the world of caviar, exclusiveness and elegance are recognised as paramount. When we began working with Sturios, we set ourselves a clear goal: differentiate the brand from its competitors through a highly unique, authentic and memorable concept. We aimed at going beyond the traditional rules of this segment, so that to present a brand with a different style, conveying the personality of its founder, a bold and visionary entrepreneur. When designing this brand identity, we drew upon the aesthetic of the roaring 1920s, when caviar became a symbol of status and prestige. Consequently, we created a unique element, with many possible readings, for this brand: a sturgeon, which is the source of this product; an eye, symbolising a company in the pursuit of the best caviar worldwide; and finally, the Nazar, an eye-shaped amulet believed to bring good fortune and luck in many cultures.
Packaging umbrella for HEMA Netherlands. Confident, timeless and on brand.
Confident, stylish and simple. Wispe bier from Weesp, village of chocolate, jenever and beer.
No.198 Package & Design magazine
To create this unique design, the wine produced by Monte da Carochinha was immersed in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean on the Alentejo coast in Portugal for 10 months. Ageing the wine in this way created amazing and beautiful motifs on the bottle, created by the sea. Each bottle is unique and crafted by the sea, then simply labelled with its name.
The packaging realistically imitates the toughness and durability of the glove material, with an effect that looks like there is a sharp object inside the pack that could break the material but doesn’t – it only stretches the surface. Thanks to the clear-cut and crisp solution, the design is both neat and distinctive and will stand out on any surface, making it a key brand positioning tool.
FRAHM are a small family run online-only UK business that take sustainability and men’s mental health very seriously. To create memorable packaging for their jackets and to reinforce their Tough Beautiful mantra, Supple Studio used macro shots of UK native beetles – nature's tough and beautiful little creatures. Printed large-scale on boxes and bags, the beetle idea neatly reflects FRAHM's technical garments that are great for getting outdoors in all weathers. And to remind recipients that FRAHM supports the charity Mind – they created a bespoke packaging tape with an 'Open Up' message.
Developed with a young e-commerce market in mind, the re-design of this packaging stands out from traditional luncheon meat (or ‘spam') packaging. The front clearly expresses the brand, using eye-catching pink and pure black colours to create the contrast, whilst the oral expression of the Chinese characters “吃肉”(‘eat meat’) is transformed into the shape of a pig. On the back of the pack, a ‘piggy nose’ is created, helping to make the pack more identifiable, and ultimately making the product fun and engaging for the consumer.
With its crocodile-shaped logo and textured glass bottle, this rum was inspired by its native Cuban land that locals call “Isla del Cocodrilo” (Island of the crocodile). The front label reveals the brand logo and product description using embossing, debossing and hot gold stamping. The back label, in the form of a train ticket, is an invitation to board for a trip to wild Cuba. Each back label is individually numbered, making each bottle of rum unique. With sustainability in mind, the bottle is produced at the nearest glass manufacturer in Mexico, the labels are made from cotton by-products of the textile industry and are affixed by hand in Cuba, and the intricately engraved bottle stopper is made of sustainable cork and wood coming from FSC forests.
Attempting to re-examine the food industry's design style of using pictures in a regular way, this packaging injects vitality and shapes the new generation of ice cream brands. The design for this low-calorie healthy ice cream packaging captures the habits of healthy food users by highlighting the nutritional elements through the reorganization of information levels and bright colours.
Special One soda is a social project dedicated to raising awareness of and reducing the stigma of mental health conditions among young people. Five special tastes correspond to the five most common personality disorders, whose features are shown using graphic metaphors on the front of the can. On the back, you can read general information about the disease and find out the first symptoms. The packaging also has augmented reality — if you point the camera at the can, the animation will show an interesting fact about the disease. At the click of a button, a person can take a test for the first signs of a personality disorder.
This limited-edition packaging series of kitchen storage and cleaning products from Japanese retailer Askul is inspired by the various shapes and textures found in the kitchen. Combining raw materials such as kraft card stock with clean Scandinavian design, the design was inspired by the various shapes and textures found around the kitchen.
Created for a supermarket chain in Greece, this exclusive line of vegan home care detergents targets environmentally-conscious consumers. The name OceaniQ, is deliberately misspelt to bring “Oceanic” and “IQ” together, to showcase the smart use of plastic ocean waste in its packaging. This product, which combines packaging made of 100% recycled fishnets from oceans worldwide and mild cleansing, plant-based agents, helps protect the life of the oceanic creatures which are shown in the original illustrations across the packs.
Algo-Ritme is a brand whose origins lie deep in the Volta Valley in Ghana where they strive to build a bridge between local African commerce and culture with European health and wellbeing. Through purely naturally cultivated spirulina supplements, the Algo-Ritme brand wishes to position itself as the premium, talk-of-the-town reference in this ever-growing category. ‘Algo’ refers to micro-algae that forms spirulina with ‘Ritme’ reflecting the natural rhythm’s inherent in our body’s wellbeing. It’s these natural rhythms between Ghana and Europe, between spirulina and our health and this brand and its respect for the environment where it is cultivated, that sets the tone for the Algo-Ritme brand and packaging identity. The rhythm inspired wavelength symbol acts as a flexible logo device that in turn helps divide and connect the dual aspect of the brand name. In harmony with the intense deep green brand colour, a Ghanaian inspired ‘Kente’ fabric pattern was also created, interwoven with the wavelength symbol and integrated behind a Volta river shaped organic form. The hot-foil gold brand colour helps accentuate the premium nature of the brand whilst supporting the products unique properties. From display case to refill pot and pouch, the Algo-Ritme brand looks to actively support local communities whilst standing out from the supplement crowd and help transport a touch of truly natural Ghanaian culture across the sea and into our homes.
A mysterious Genever range. The Braeckman family has for approximately 100 years been one of Belgium’s finest genever distillers. Based on only the purest raw material, this juniper berry, grain spirit has formed a fundamental part of traditional Belgian and Dutch beverage culture for generations. After countless years of quality and success, the Belgian genever category was in decline, often overshadowed by the ever growing gin and vodka trends. Realizing fundamental change was needed, the Braeckman family briefed us to totally rejuvenate and invigorate their classics genever range and to leave the old fashioned dusty image far behind. After immersing ourselves in the respected Braeckman heritage we decided to tell a romantic legendary story with each product, each inspired by mythical tales of intrigue and origin. From the family patriarch figure of ‘Old Braeckman’ where it all began to the dark and curious ‘Hen Thief’ who’s midnight movements are a mystery to all. ‘The Blue Pigeon’ is a prime example of how fable meets fact, this eccentric bird who selects only the finest juniper berries for this unique blend. These thick quill ink sketches on parchment labels are accompanied by inspiring cocktail recipes and quirky quotes, designed to attract the hip and trendy to our rich and mysterious genever range.
Klingele Chocolade is a family owned business situated in the beautiful city of Ghent. They’re a leading producer and supplier of healthy and honest chocolates made with respect for people and nature. They are passionate about quality and selecting the right ingredients to bring you only the best. Their organic Belgian chocolates are made with no added sugar because they believe that it’s not the sugar that makes the chocolate delightful, but the ingredients. It’s in nature where they find their inspiration to deliver you the most delightfully wholesome chocolates. Our brief was to redesign their existing Green Dream - Chocolates range with a focus on the pleasure of treating yourself, guilt free. We turned their former baseline into a real brand name and utilised ‘Chocolates from Heaven’ to transport us to a world of pleasure. The dreamy surreal illustrations create an imaginary world that allow us to dream of ‘heavenly’ flavours. Every detail is designed to bring a smile to your face, inspired by our world famous Belgian surrealistic painters like Magritte. The tactile wrapper and hot-foil finishes enhance the feeling of craftsmanship, honest ingredients and premium quality. Our messenger dove brand mascot and stamp like label, convey a delicious chocolate message, sent straight from heaven. We don’t know about you, but we’ve definitely got our heads in the clouds.
Share your dreams Natra Jacali is a world renowned and respected player in the business of high quality Belgian chocolates. These master Belgian chocolate makers were looking to make an unforgettable impression on the international market and prestigious food-fair competitions by developing an innovative pralines limited edition assortment. Our challenge was to create jaw-dropping wonder and surprise through the development of a premium chocolate creative platform, the packaging identity and pralines themselves. Inspired by the often hypnotizing desire for chocolate, we invited consumers to travel inside our delicious dream-world, that opens to a surreal but intoxicating taste experience. This immersive experience begins with the opening of our deco Dream lady face-shaped assortment box, where we dive deep into her dream-world where pralines are discovered, almost camouflaged in its depths. In this extraordinary hidden world, consumers are invited to explore exciting flavors such as yuzu compote, lavender, gin and rosemary or even macadamia or pistachio. These captivating chocolate pralines are also decorated with our designs using innovative ‘mold-printing’ techniques. A limited edition where deep desires truly come to life and a product promise reflected by a chocolate experience that is a thing of fantasy. A sweet dream you never want to wake up from.
‘Duvels’ Design, Heavenly Taste! Once again, a dream has come true to be honoured with the opportunity to make an impact on a truly iconic and world-renowned Belgian brand such as Duvel. Duvel as we know is the flagship brand from the Duvel Moortgat independent family brewery, whose almost 150 years brewing expertise has helped establish this exceptional Belgian specialty beer as an unmissable part of real Belgian culture. However, despite this legendary status, Duvel as many other beer brands has felt the increasing pressure from an ever growing and competitive market, which displays an overwhelming choice for beer consumers today. Feeling the squeeze, the brand felt it was the right time to undertake a refreshing brand makeover, that would enable Duvel to remain contemporary and relevant in today’s ever evolving beer market and to ensure a connection with newer and younger generations of beer lovers.
A ‘personality’ branded range of pots and pans. Jeroen Meus is a famous Belgian chef, passionate about food and bringing the concept of cooking in an inspirational and approachable manner to the people at home. His no-nonsense rock’n roll attitude, his hilarious one-liners and his unstoppable drive make him one of the most loved personalities in Belgium. We were asked to create an identity for his new range pots and pans which could reflect this unique personality. So we created an iconic brand image of Jeroen in its purest form, a black stamped stencil portrait illustration on a honest craft paper background. We visualized Jeroen in a way everyone knows him, with his everlasting smile, his nonchalant hairdo and his roguish glance, evoking his rock’n roll attitude and easy going way of life. In his own words we then let his character do the talking, using his typical humoristic one-liners to bring the news to pack in an eye-catching and iconic manner. Communication is key, his voice is his brand! This branded emotional approach, the bold rough typo and the black and white graphics enriched with flashy fluo colour details on craft paper, make for an outstanding design in a category dominated by traditional ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ packaging. Who’s up for a “wok around the clock”?
Zoutman is an independent Belgian family firm, specialised in producing and processing (sea) salt. For a specific retail range ‘Marsel’, containing nature's best sea salt, they asked Quatre Mains for a new straightforward design. First, we refined the Marsel brand, creating a modern logotype and allowing the fisherman’s boat the space it needs. By placing the boat on top and adding a brand communication baseline, we created an immediate link to the salts origin. A playful, marine stripe design shows us the difference between the salt types. A grungy white wooden look reflects the experienced craftsmanship Zoutman has displayed for many years. A simple design whose strength is in showing only what is truly necessary. Less is more.
Niamh Authentic World Bakery. Niamh is a new player in the world of bread and baking mixes. They create high-quality baking mixes inspired by the world’s great cuisines. They are always in search of new flavours to let their consumers explore their own creativity, trying breads with endless variations. Niamh asked us to create a branding and packaging design for their new ethnic range. Niamh's brief for us, was to primarily create a baking concept that tells a story of origin and authenticity. They wanted a home-baking, innovative, qualitative look and feel. Travel the Baking World Our idea was to present Niamh as an authentic world bakery. As every nation has its cultural traditions and personality, Niamh provided the platform that celebrated those unique bakers and their characters. Sharing the same purpose around the world and honouring their ethnic & traditional baking recipes. As we travel we experience an eclectic range of diverse flavours & scents, creating memories and enticing the taste buds wherever we go. Niamh brings the world we experience elsewhere, back home. For each pack we personalized the product origins through an illustration of a local Italian, Indian, Russian,…baker. A quirky character that proudly presents their country’s authentic specialty. As home baking is fun, so is our approach to the ethnic aspect of this packaging. Bring those world flavours back home and try out some Indian Naan, Italian Focaccia, Russian Blini’s or Turkish Pide. Because after all, homemade food is twice as good!
Omer stands for 5 generations of brewing traditions whereby not only the craftsmanship but also the family name has been passed down from father to son. From 1892 the name Omer has been synonymous with quality, with the words ‘Omer Vander Ghinste’ integrated into pub stained glass windows, becoming a classic icon in the Belgian beer world. In 2020 Omer wished to treat their loyal consumers with an outstanding new Omer glass and matching packaging. Each glass manufactured as a limited edition with the packaging feeling like a true collector’s item. The box shape was purposefully inspired by the iconic Omer glass. Silver detailing and a purely branded stained-glass-inspired closing sleeve, give this collector’s item an exclusive, desirable image. For true Omer connaisseurs ;-)
Bite to Fight for a Fair Income! Time for a fresh wind to blow through Oxfam Fair Trade. A conscious decision was made by our client to reconnect with their roots and reawaken their passion for positive activism and meaningful change. Reality shows that current fair trade efforts are not sufficient, with still many farmers in developing countries, living in poverty, unable to make a fair income that supports a fair standard of living. Using the re-launch of the chocolate bar range as a platform to help re-address priorities, Oxfam wishes to reset a higher standard of commitment that hopefully other fair trade brands will follow. Go that Extra Mile! Our approach was one of effective activation at shelf. We used the packaging design as a campaign slogan to help bring a strong, clear, positive message that crystallises for consumers how their purchase helps benefit others less fortunate than ourselves. Priorities of normal chocolate product communication were completely reversed so as to open the way for our slogan to shout-out as loud as it could. We employed a poster style typographic approach, coupled with that tear-away effect that you often see in street advertising so as to reveal the real chocolate underneath. Supported by a solidarity icon and fresh, impactful but natural colours, these packs are designed to make an unmissable statement. So as to help better articulate our commitment to fair trade for farmers, we utilised the inside of the pack to tell the real story behind the promise. Every little helps.
Adventures for Little Foodies! Many brand stories begin with a consumer dilemma. As many parents will tell you, getting their little loved ones to experience new tastes and textures can be quite a challenge. The sooner you start the better, however a child’s delicate palette can be sensitive to taste sensations and parents are often discouraged to help their child try something new. Our client understood this dilemma first hand and always dreamt of bringing a brand and product family to market that empowered parents by providing adventurous taste experiences, tailor-made for little foodies at the beginning of their mealtime explorations. Storytelling at the heart of all creative brands. To provide a powerful platform for this brand to grow, a story needed to be told. Therefore in order to tie together the collection of new taste discoveries with this parent child relationship, the wide world of Sienna & Friends was created. The brand name encapsulated the brands main character and her desire to share the multitude of flavour adventures she’s collected during her journeys. Through travelling the world and making many friends along the way who also wished to share their inspiring recipes, this story forms the foundation of the product portfolio. From adventurous spice-mixes to super tasty sauces, from surprising jams to comforting soups. This plus feel-good snacks, olive oils, healthy porridges and fun pastas. A world of aromas, textures, tastes and flavours, each with their unique origin and each accompanied by a playful friend. Introducing the likes of Chica, Tomatina, Canella, Herbie and little Coco, Sienna and her many foodie friends create a playful community of fun loving characters to charm the hearts of parents and children everywhere. Take a journey around the pack. Our approach to the packaging identity was simple. Each product had a story to be told and a journey to be explored. Supporting the travel tag inspired branding and product info, we illustrated each design with delightful characters and invite consumers to travel around the pack, following a recipe trail of discovery. Product family diversity is balanced with branding unity, working together to provide a brand building platform that makes a real consumer connection and helps bring our clients dream to life. “Every bite is a memory and the most powerful memories are the first ones.”
Challenge Baby hygiene is very important, but how to explain this to small kids? While bathing babies often get upset and start crying. So how to reduce parent's headache about this sensitive process? Solution More than anything, children love to play. Akio is a Japanese-style bathing tool that turns bathing process into a fun and interactive game. Parents can play with children attracting their attention with an interesting package. The removable kimono will surprise a toddler, grab their attention and change his or her attitude to a bathing process.
We created the brand identity and packaging for Cyrano Armagnac, inspired by the legend of Cyrano de Bergerac. The famous french play written in 1897 by Edmond Rostand is based on the real life character from 17th century France.The design features Cyrano's sword within the Logo which is written in a blackletter style, still popular in 17th Century France. Supporting descriptive font Garamond also takes its influence from 17th Century French typographer Jean Jannon. Other details include an illustration of the Sun representing the 'Sun King' Louis VIV who was the french monarch of the time of Cyrano de Bergerac. ​
The Henderson's range of ciders from the Kent cider company offer a range of traditional ciders. To communicate this traditional aspect the packaging is inspired by different areas of Victorian design. The toffee apple takes inspiration from old circus posters, the Elderflower is inspired by botanical book plates and the Spiced cider models itself on Victorian elixirs.
Armagnac is a grape-based spirit with a 700 year old history and is produced in the region it’s named after – Armagnac, in Gascony, Southwest France. Rabastas is distilled and bottled in Gascony and is inspired by one of the region’s most famous legends, the musketeer d'Artagnan and his fellow adventurer - his horse Rabastas. Great enjoyed straight over ice or in cocktails, the branding shows Rabastas with d'Artagnan in his profile, symbolising the perfect mix.
Shepherd Neame has an established history of producing award winning lagers. They identified opportunities to extend their portfolio into the very top end of the lager market and produced an ultra premium lager. Cinque, five grain premium lager, combines Shepherd Neame's brewers’ expertise with the finest quality ingredients, to offer this high end complex lager from Britain's oldest brewer. Brewed with five different grains, a smoother beer has been created with a more complex flavour, making it unlike any other lager.
Sing Gin is a family-owned gin. The founders live in Kettlesing village deep in the Yorkshire Dales. This ‘area of outstanding natural beauty’ inspired our gin’s elegantly uplifting character and the Sing name.Sing Gin’s brand identity was inspired by the local UNESCO world heritage site of the Studley Royal Water Gardens. Here, you can find a small temple reflected in a tranquil lake and it was this that is represented by Sing’s central shape and stunning gold and blue colour palette. At the top of the temple, a gargoyle with botanicals woven into his hair and beard stands guard. A screen-printed tree-line design then wraps elegantly around the bottle and uses translucent ink to reflect the qualities of the water in the lake.
Troo's mission is to make people as passionate about gut health as they are. There is growing evidence that shows how fundamental gut health is for us to live a long, happy and healthy life. Our gut health can have a huge impact on our physical and metal health and well being. Learning more about gut health has inspired the creators of Troo to create a range of gut healthy food. Their first products will help you to get off to a gut-healthy start; delicious award-winning granola packed with natural ingredients - gluten free, low sugar and high fibre. Our array of characterful birds of paradise encapsulate the vibrant, fun, colourful and healthy nature of the brand. Troo Granola, Porridges and Tea can be found in major supermarkets and health stores. It is also the first Granola to move to completely plastic free packaging.
Whistler’s Storm is the newest alcoholic tea brand to hit the market. Their liqueurs offer something new and exciting; a unique, flavoursome pairing of two quintessentially British pastimes: tea drinking and drinking…Sand Creative were briefed to communicate the heritage of the tea with an impactful design. Taking inspiration from the brand's name ‘Whistler’s Storm’, the visual solution became clear - a playful and beautifully illustrated ‘Storm in a tea cup’.
The Yowler conducts the centuries old ceremony of wassailing, where bad spirits are driven from the orchard and good ones are welcomed in. At dusk a cup is shared amongst the gathering crowd to celebrate the new blessed crop of apples. The Kent Cider Company's Yowler is a dark and fruity, sparkling apple cider celebrating this blessed crop. Sand Creative worked with the Kent Cider Company to widen its consumer base, by creating a new cider that would appeal to a younger, more discerning drinker who wanted an alternative to the main stream offerings. After the successful launch of Yowler 3 more ciders were created that each celebrate a different pagan festival. The designs are design deeply symbolic and inspired by the pagan wheel of life, ancient traditions, seasons and celebrations.
The hourglass range, emblematic object of the house patented and created by the agency in 2012, sets an innovative vision of what perfumer and artist can mean, as is it made of eclectic inspirations and reshapes the home fragrance category. This reissue renews the poetic promise to make perfume and time interact through a new way of perfuming one's home, with an ever more exclusive design. Each of the six scents now has a unique silhouette or finish for their glass refills. Its cold-diffusion technology, delivers the perfume notes through ingenious wicks that are now multiplied to expand the diffusion.
Through telling staries great and small, diptyque demonstrates its desire to create History here. To make a contribution to the history of perfume, or to take a playful approach to the art of perfuming the skin and thus invent new techniques. Just like its fragrance collection, in which each scent is born of a poetic dialogue between an illustration and a perfumer, imbuing a drawing with a unique aroma, the idea for this brand, which considers itself to be both "perfumer and artist," was to imagine new ways of wearing perfume. ln so doing, diptyque continues the quest for innovation that began 10 years ago, in order to offer its customers consistently inventive and meaningful experiences. Just like its three founders-an interior designer, a designer, and a painter-diptyque is the story of different perspectives whose interactions resulted this time in a collection of prêts-à-parfumer. Blending the unique perspective that the house's artists bring to perfume with a new medium of expression: what if perfume, invisible on the skin, were a physical abject? Combining this notion of tangibility with the perspective of a team of designers who define new ways of wearing perfume using motions familiar to fragrance levers: what if perfume were an accessory? What if tattoos became perfume? Translating this vision with the perspectives of artisans who create ingenious materials that absorb and amplify fragrances: what if perfume were fa bric? What if perfume were ceramic?
The ICE box was designed as a block of ice, whose facets represent both the crystals and the seven organoleptic facets of XO cognac, which are revealed to the taster as the ice cubes are diluted. Closed, it contains the "fire" of the cognac. Once opened, it can be used as an ice bucket, with the tongs placed under the bottle, and kept as an object in its own right. This creation also represents an innovation from a technical point of view. All facets and opening elements are integrated. The two parts of the bucket are interlocked by the continuity of the inner facets (male and female) on the edges. It is a real partnership between the brand and the agency for the development of this project.
A surprising twist on the traffic sign, Arrow is a metallic arrow-shaped case embossed with the name of one of the 29 cities in the collection. Each destination, which echoes one of the house's great commercial epics, figures the distance separating it from the crayons in Reims. With this surprising, customizable facade, the result of a complex assembly, Servaire&Co is pushing back the limits of packaging and seizing the opportunity to transform a simple animated packaging into a real souvenir box, a customizable decorative collector's item.
The building block design of the new BIO+ brand logo provides a degree of light-hearted energy and, in combination with the bright and lively colour palette, has helped boost the brand to become far more modern, cheerful and approachable. The significantly larger and distinctive shape of the brand logo brings confidence and ensures instant stand out and recognition on shelf across all categories – amplifying the brand name to simultaneously strengthen the proposition. Designing the brand logo as a stand-alone icon on pack provides the necessary flexibility to work across a multitude of categories; adapting the colour of the logo to aid range and variant navigation and avoiding the need for additional colour codes, and therefore inks, on pack. The clean white wooden background and uncomplicated product photography align with the straightforwardness of the brand and the naturalness of the products, helping to communicate honesty and purity as well as giving the brand logo space on pack for additional stand out. Having created the strategic design for a core of 26 sku’s ready for a roll out across over 350 sku's, we also designed a Print Ad and a selection of POS materials for use in store to help further amplify the impact of the new look and feel for BIO+.

Breaking free from category conventions, we helped Unilever’s Knorr to democratise and elevate the modest wrap - making the products more accessible and more relevant for broader occasion use. Celebrating the natural colours of the vegetables which dominate the design, the white surrounds of the illustrations are used to make them ‘pop’ and reinforce the immediacy of the differentiation. The use of the classic farmers market wooden cart as a flexible holding device across the range brings a degree of charm, honesty and authenticity to the products. Wrapping the design elements, including the variant name and brand logo, inside the transparent circle which showcases the product helps unify the design assets on pack and gives cohesive strength to the communication. Our design for Unilever's Knorr Veggie Wraps was awarded bronze in the 2021 Pentawards global packaging design competition.

Nomad wines are easy to transport, open and use - a structure that serves as a cup, not just a can. Taking the staple aluminium soda can and re-designing the lid provides consumers with a more authentic product and user experience; the wider open surface allows the wine to breath as when served in a carafe. Both the brand name and packaging design are influenced by the intended user groups; millennials and Gen Z’s with a passion for the outdoors. The tag of the lid and compass pointers are colour matched to the wine variant to provide navigational cues. The graphic design of a line drawn map and matt finish provides a grown-up and gender neutral look and feel to attract the adventurer in us all.

Ever Bean challenges category norms by encouraging consumers to reappraise the modest bean - a fantastic source of protein, fibre and vitamin B for health conscious snackers. Using the crisp and flavour ingredients as a backdrop, the humble bean is projected forward with pride and in celebration - a nutritional snack without compromising on taste appeal. Each variant offers an exciting mix of flavours, taking inspiration from different food cultures around the world - all of which have iconic bean based dishes embedded in their DNA. Somewhat reminiscent of an artist's palette, the unique design layout is supported by bold, vibrant and lively packaging colours to further secure stand-out on shelf.

It was important to create a packaging design that mirrored the simplicity of the recipes and one that would support the naturalness of the products. Our design is clean and uncluttered to both support the product message and also achieve stand out on shelf. This was a huge step for Knorr but by giving the brand identity space on pack we were able to maintain strong recognition. Our choice of illustration style further supports the simple naturalness of the products — it’s wholesome yet vibrant, modest and beautiful. Taking inspiration from the chilled juice category, we used a shrink sleeve to amplify freshness cues — using the language of another category in both format and printing techniques to innovate and inspire change within a traditional one. The smart integration of the illustrations with the transparent windows brings a new level of authenticity to the products, used on both front and back of pack. The new range design is bold, iconic and beautiful — allowing the brand to surprise and delight consumers with new easy to use and convenient meal solutions.

Color Me Up’s recycled structural packaging comes in a shade of natural skin tones, representative of broader consumer ethnicity and allowing for pairings of hair colour to compliment different skin colors. It’s a colorful world after all - a message which is reinforced on the top of the tube packaging, celebrating differences in terms of both skin tones as well as hair colour choice. Navigation is made simple with the cardboard ribbon colored hair pieces attached to the inner tube of the packaging, providing consumers with a large color reference in store and supported by a clear variant number system. The consistent use of the red lips on pack serves as both a visual reference to a face for added stand out on shelf, as well as a globally recognised symbol of strength, power and pride.

Carton is a highly renewable material with a relatively low eco-cost; it can be recycled 7-8 times before it loses its integrity and therefore its value. Brands of course need a canvas in which to distinguish themselves and communicate with their consumers on pack, but the use of ink printed on carton and paper material significantly reduces its sustainable benefits. ‘White is the new green’ conceptual packaging design innovation imagines an ink free carton packaging format, using embossing to maintain brand communication and to amplify the brands sustainable credentials. During manufacturing, die cutting and embossing happen as part of the same process and so no additional step or change to the line set-up is required. In addition, this ‘cleaner’ packaging design and use of white itself becomes a strong communication cue in terms of supporting the product’s proposition, a cleaner pack for cleaner laundry — simplifying the design to help amplify the impact. By removing the need for ink, we can enhance the consumer packaging experience and help brands to navigate the circular economy maze. 'White is the new green' was awarded silver in the 2021 Pentawards global packaging design competition. *This conceptual design innovation exercise has been conducted by SGK in partnership with Packadore Collective under their own initiative and is not representative of a commissioned assignment by Omo brand owner Unilever.

Re-energising a much loved icon, we helped Unilever’s Unox Cup A Soup to restore their energetic and cheerful personality on pack to strengthen brand appeal. The mug maintains its hero position on pack to guarantee brand recognition and provide effective shelf blocking, but has been given a more modern look and feel using an illustrative style with white surround for additional impact. Providing differentiation through the use of energetic background colours to improve variant navigation is supported by the placement of the flavour names on top of pack to avoid being hidden on shelf displays. The ingredient designs on pack have been paired back for a cleaner look and feel, balancing the brands playful tone of voice with a degree of authority by using a combination of illustration and photography.

The gourmet shop ‘Bon Fromage’ wanted to direct its business towards e-commerce and improve the packaging of its star product: cheese selections to share. The graphic design is inspired by the different shapes. The combination and sum of the pieces results in a print that becomes a powerful ‘visual key’ of the brand and allows the development of a multitude of brand supports such as bags, stickers and wrapping paper. The solution mixes natural and austere materials, such as kraft cardboard, with luxurious finishes, such as stamping.
Brands with purpose and social design are the protagonists of the Build your brand campaign with which Avery Dennison presents its new range of sustainable labels, R Collection. The campaign develops nine packaging concepts for nine different beverages. Avery Dennison invites you to join a revolution where small gestures can make a big difference. Build your brand is a call to action to create responsible brands.
The thief is the policeman, the lion is the hunter … Chocolocuras is a game, humor and fun. A design that changes only if you turn the tap. Two characters exchange their bodies and their heads to create a new and different one. A different pack for a competitive category.
Conceptualization and design of El Corte Inglés Masterbrand. The Spanish brand wanted to reposition the image of its private label through a new communication strategy. The objective was clear: to evolve towards a more emotional communication closer to consumers. The new El Corte Inglés brand seeks to generate links with the customer and connect with consumer's lifestyle, while reinforcing values such as quality and trust, inherent to the brand.
Bio is the new ecological range of El Corte Inglés. A concept fone background color and a system that allows, through color, to make the differentation among several references of each product family. A packaging concept that has a strong presence on the shelves while giving dynamism and allows the easy recognition by the costumer. Bio put a smile on cereals, vegetable drinks, vegetable creams … to talk to consumers with a closer and renewed tone.
Conceptualization and design of El Corte Inglés Selection Masterbrand. The awards and recognitions universe inspire the brand asset of the new premium brand of El Corte Inglés. A proposal that combines gourmet, traditional and denomination of origin products under the same packaging architecture. The proposal articulates the design through a transversal band that divides the pack into three parts and serves to organize all the information and creativity of each category. Based on this architecture and the definition of the Masterbrand, small families of products are designed.